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+1 weirdly genteel math nerd

HELLO AGAIN, JOYERS. Xel again, hoping second time's the charm. Please welcome the goofily-named Royce Bracket from an amazingly beautiful game called Transistor. Not familiar with either of these things? Check out his cheat sheet/permissions post here!

In canon, Royce is a reclusive engineer/architect who pretty much got tired of being regarded as irrelevant by the people who once enjoyed his work and subsequently teamed up with an elite group of his peers to make a few forcible "improvements" to the city. Mostly through the primordial/eldritch collective of alien robots he discovered were behind the town's infrastructure, and a little bit through murder. Aaaand that plan kind of backfired. Catastrophically. He's a pretty easygoing guy, though!

In our AU, Royce is a child of Land Hyponia who's frankly sick of the whole conflict and spends his days holed up in his home/lab near the Scarbacks' monastery or in one of the many Company facilities he works with across the Quad. See, Royce is a big fan of all things tech. You might say he's... kind of really obsessed with finding ways for technology to uplift and enrich people's lives. And the really good news is that he's so enamored with tech that he's unlikely to care who it comes attached to—illegal hack-mods, I'm looking at you. No need to fear reporting with Dr. Bracket involved! (But he may really want to tinker with your junk. Cough.)

I am SUPER excited to have him in and have tons of ideas, so absolutely hit me up if you have any of your own! This includes established CR, as I'm dropping him in with the full five years under his belt. As always, I can be found at [ profile] piasora or on discord at tevinter#3439.

As a bonus, please enjoy the following video summary of Royce's canon motivations:

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my girlfriend just finished this game & she loved it; royce was so good and intense lmfao ... happy to see him here!!
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sidles up to!! fenris is wary of tech and hates body mods especially (particularly his own), SO IT MIGHT BE ANTAGONISTIC AT LEAST FOR A WHILE ... but i'm into that if you are c:
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oh that's an interesting idea actually, especially if it starts acting up in a way that needs immediate attention -- which i think is definitely possible, given the severe physical effects the memory regains are meant to have! we could def do something like that and probably relatively soon, given how this upcoming plot is gonna put the memory thing into overdrive (wrt the dreams and so on)!
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who let this nerd in

anyways you know that royce can check out this plant anytime ;D
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what makes that comment worse is that the icon you're using has royce shirtless so UH.....YEAH, SURE, ROYCE. HE'LL SHOW YOU HIS GRAPES.........

do you want to continue that tdm thread or move it to your pre-game cr log if you're planning to do that?
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and GOOD, points at eyes, points at you....give me all the CR, my man