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+1 backstreet boy

Hey everyone! I'm Adi and I'm brand new to the game, but more importantly I'm excited to be here! I'll be playing Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV, you know that one FF we're still probably crying about, for better or worse. Prompto is your average Cinnamon Roll but with Hidden Depths that I won't go into here just in case anyone wants to remain unspoiled. Other things to know about him are that he LOVES animals and photography. He's also a loser.

In Overjoyed, he'll be a newly promoted Killjoy who'll try his best not to muck things up. He's very easygoing and usually the joker, if you're wondering about his reputation within the agency. Additionally, he was a Westie test subject that was cared for by Leithians as a child, but that's not something he'll be forthcoming about! If you'd like to work out any pre-existing CR, I'm open for plotting. I can be reached @ [ profile] moondoggie1 either way, so please feel free to add me! Looking forward to playing with you all!

this gif is a lie, i just need you to think he's cool
before he starts speaking
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ilu adi I'M EXCITED
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I made the icon more accurate to your real face
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slowly unbuttons pants
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wow i was going to sit on the toilet???? what kind of ideas are you getting
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prompto is such a good boy you're doing gods work
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hello adi!! prompto is my favorite of the boy band so i am glad to see him here c: welcome!
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what the heck, it's adi
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well when you put it that way, now these two have to do a warrant together eventually and make my life
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Ah yes more members for the blonde butts club

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SO EXCLUSIVE, MY GUY. And for the low, low price of 99.99 per month, you too can have a stylish club jacket!

(Conditions may apply.)
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yo it's eon from what seems like ages ago... I'm glad to see you here, homie!
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HELLO HELLO please do, it's usually on sale on steam + it's also on ps4 + vita!! ENJOY THE STORY

I'm glad we can play together again, though!