Mar. 11th, 2017

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'Allo Joyers! Laure here and now that the chaos from surgery is slowly but surely starting to fading into the distance, I'll be stepping back into Mod-life and decided to add to my plate even more by bringing this crazy cat-lady to terrorize you all.

Yoruichi's app is HERE and her permissions is HERE. She's coming in as a former Kendry that is kind of wanted as a criminal by her fam. She left the quad for six years, spent some time running with Takasugi in war-torn Edo, and then returned to the Quad as a 'Shihoin' to train as a Scarback. She's a full member of the order, and also active in the Resistance because she knows just how shady Delle Seyah Kendry really is.

She's got 5 years in 'verse to play with so if anyone wants to work out a backdated history, hit me up here! ESPECIALLY ANYONE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE MONASTERY!

So! Does anyone need Auntie to give them a blessing?
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Hello, Overjoyers! I'm Dynast and I'm here to continue the train of New People.

Meet Ango Sakaguchi from Bungou Stray Dogs aka that one canon where dead authors terrorise Yokohama with abilities named after their books. It's a thing that sounds fancy in theory, but wait till you see Lovecraft.

Ango's a prickly workaholic who probably only sees his bed around thrice a week so go easy on him. Or don't, because Ango's actually pretty loyally aligned with Company in Overjoyed as their Senior Intel Officer. Granted, his field duty days are mostly over but with things still being a little chaotic, who knows? Maybe he'll be back on active duty some day. Anyway, he's a little difficult to make friends with and you'll probably never get to BFFs level with him (because hell, no one can) but I can guarantee that once you get past the initial layer of resistance, he's actually a pretty okay guy. Just uh, overlook the Company employee part, yeah.

I'd love to talk pre-game CR (he's got a Leithian background, everything very normal) so please come talk to me! I'm contactable via [ profile] storywise if you want something a little more ah, instant. Looking forward to playing with you guys!