Apr. 6th, 2017

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HELLO OVERJOYED, name's Gaacha and I am totally new here. I was enabled to this game by someone anon in the EnableMe meme this month and I have to say I'm super happy they did.

This game looks hellishly fun and I love the premise behind it--so I'm bringing in one super hacker slash videogamer from the series DRAMAtical Murder. (I know the game is infamous in its own ways but I just love Noiz as a character so I can't help myself.)
Noiz is, as said above, a super hacker and programmer who is mostly obsessed with playing a certain type of video game and selling information. He's hedonistic and unfriendly, obsessive and secretive--and most of all, he can't feel pain and throws himself into danger often.

He'll be coming into the game with 2 years of established history in the RAC as a warrant broker, but his AU history makes him ex-Qresh. By choice. Those guys really are a bunch of assholes and they treated him as a problem to be hidden from the world so he escaped to work with people who he felt he could make a decent living on in his own way.

If you'd like to talk to me about established CR or future threads, please do feel free to have a chat with me, you can add me on plurk  @ [plurk.com profile] vicinity !!

I look forward to meeting you all in-game!
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hello, overjoyed!! my name is eli and i'm entirely new here, but i've been eyeing this game for ages and i'm super excited to finally get the chance to play here.

i'm bringing with me natalie goodman from next to normal. you can read her app here, but in summary, she's a teenager pianist with massive trust issues who wears cynicism like a glove due to a rocky upbringing. emotional hangups for days, et cetera. she will probably make fun of everyone at least once, but actually cares about people much more than she likes to let on. good luck ever getting her to admit that, of course!

here in overjoyed, she's a member of a merchant family! she's a student living on leith with her parents, a fact she's not too pleased about, and she has two years of established history there. as such, her au self is 19 rather than 17. there's more about her au in the app i linked if you're curious about it!

regardless, i'm super excited to play with all of you! if you'd like to develop any preexisting cr, i would be 200% down. you can catch me through a PM or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] becoming. i love any sort of plotting or chatting about anything, so feel free to add me there if you like. i look forward to the cr i'll get to build with you all!