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+1 diva

YO Dolly here lately bringing in a second character who is leaps and bounds less embarrassing than that one guy I play, please welcome:

Red from that game about USB sword boyfriends, Transistor! In canon she was a music and songwriter who unfortunately lost her voice when a bunch of jerks tried to take over the city and wound up Ruining Everything For EveryoneTM. So she goes on a journey to not exactly fix all that but...sort of. The moral of the story is don't have sex with computers basically???? Looking at u mr. bracket.

In OJ Red is from a system far beyond the J and arrived roughly a year ago after a bunch of Stuff went down back home including a political marriage she wasn't really interested in. Actually mostly consisting of that? Yes. She lives on Leith and works as a composer where she's earned some notoriety for her memorable and evocative scores. Her music makes you Feel A Lot! So if there's an emotional piece your character listened to in the last year it was probably one of hers!

One thing to note is that Red is mute thanks to canon reasons, so she communicates primarily through written messages or gestures a.k.a sign language what do you mean you don't all know it fluently??

Since I was too late to comment to the brainstorming meme I would love to work out some established CR for her!! Red's app is here and her permissions are here, and you can also hmu at [plurk.com profile] owlits !
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also wow a) that is not the moral at all, b) dont kinkshame
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.......i just noticed your gif

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sdjkgs LMFAO omg

also a) yes and b) yes

when u fuck the process and it murders everyone in under 48hrs u don't fuck the process royce
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i can't have u scolding me under that username, it feels wildly inappropriate
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I think you mean accurate
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comments here for posterity

HEY! Takasugi's alternate identity Tani is a musician, so these two should totally have some sort of CR! Would she be interested in music from another random planet from the J, or possibly even already be well versed in it? In the very least, repairing a broken Shamisen or putting lyrics to scores could be some gateway stuff for them!

What are her... political leanings? Does she care LOL
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THATS FINE be free red that's the best mindset to have tbh

aaaa awesome! Would you like to assume some established-CR? Hearing any talk of someone so talented, he'd likely seek her out, so maybe he's already shown her the instrument but comes back to share what he's written and play anything she's composed for him!
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He doesn't know any sign language unfortunately, so written and digital would be best! He's very good at reading what different smirks means????S faksldfjsldf

YAY GOOD what pretentious CR I love it! Does she have any aspirations as for who hears/where her music is heard?
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aaa okay cool! LAST QUESTION do you want to thread any of the pre-established CR out or would you like to just leave it as a framework for future things :DC
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IDK if Jill has the means to have ever made it to Leith, but as someone who enjoyed the shit out of Transistor

Hell yeah

At the very least I could've had Jill listen and be a fan of her music.