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Hyperion: Wave 3, Wave 4 & New Recruits!


Team: Branch
Team Leader: Kara Styrdottir
Team Members: Itsuki Kagami, Yoruichi Shihoin
Mission Assigned: W7D5; Third Wave & New Recruit

Coordinates for three locations in Old Town will be relayed to the leader of Team: Branch and its new member. Each site is host to a bar, none of which are overwhelmingly popular or desolate. A regular crowd attends each, slipping in and out nightly as they drink away their daily woes. And, possibly, pursue their true livelihoods. The locations are all host to illegal activity, one Resistance affiliated, one a money laundering service for a smuggling ring, and one a gang's 'hangout'. Team: Branch is tasked with surveying these locations and reporting back regarding their potential as assets, both to those currently using them and Hyperion itself. From dead-end discussions with a taciturn bartender to getting caught up in a turf war, this mission may not be the party it initially seems.

Kara will also receive notification of the cell's new addition, complete with dossier, and the directive to establish contact with Yoruichi as the broader task is completed.

Team: Root
Team Leader: John Steinbeck
Team Members: Handsome Jack, James Buchanan “Bucky" Barnes
Mission Assigned: W7D5; Third Wave

A contact in Eulogy has been notified of Team: Root's imminent arrival. A chip containing 500,000 Joy will be given to the cell's leader as they arrive, complements of Hyperion to be used to complete a deal - the purchase of the man's ship, the CS Stalker. Questionable name aside, the ship is rumored to possess some of the best cloaking technology in the J. The trader they'll be dealing with, Topias Darach, is brusque and unflappable, more interested in the entertainment of the evening than in offers of funds. The cell will be required to come up with some incentives to tempt the man to agree.

He likes a show, and may request a cell member to steal from a particularly intimidating looking bartender, or, perhaps more daunting, to woo a sexter using only body language and puns.

Upon securing the ship, Team Root's mission is completed - another Hyperion agent will be on standby to pick up the vessel.

Team: Blossom
Team Leader: Takasugi Shinsuke
Team Members: Alice Liddell, Kate Bishop
Mission Assigned: W8D1; Fourth Wave

For Team: Blossom comes a return to their safehouse on Leith. Their new mission has been sent in a name, Alvice Walid. An influential figure in the Leithan community, the man has been putting forth his best efforts to maintain unity among Leith's populace. At the expense of some anti-Westie rhetoric, he's been doing well to keep the fraying nerves of his sphere from snapping entirely. He has advocated for continued donations to local relief efforts, and his insights are generally well received.

Takasugi will be contacted with a simple task, kidnap Alvice and take something of value. The details left up to the cell's leader - barring murder - the mission specifies that the man must be released one week after his capture.

Team: Vine
Team Leader: Lapis Fathalla
Team Members: Badou Nails, Genji Shimada, Jason Todd
Mission Assigned: W8D1; Fourth Wave & New Recruit

Team: Vine will be gaining a new member - both Lapis and Badou will receive the same message, detailing a their task. The SC Remus is a Company cruiser of no real note - it isn't new, it isn't carrying precious cargo, and it isn't manned by the organization's finest. Standard issue in every way, the ship is scheduled to make a solitary journey from one port on Westerley to another, keeping to the moon's orbit as it travels.

The task is simple - disrupt transit. Exact flight path and security details provided, members of this cell are encouraged to board and carry out their sabotage from the inside. No limits have been imposed, no specifications made for casualties or mercy, but the ship must arrive at its destination late, and in disrepair.

Additionally, the task of uniting the cell has been renewed. A dossier of information has provided to the leader, as was done with the other participants. Badou will receive less information, simply told to carry out his mission for an agreed upon price while expecting contact from one of Hyperion's agents as he works.