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State of the Game

Hello Joyers! We've been working behind the scenes to alter a few of our mechanics and expand others. Please see below for changes that are coming to the game!

Hiatus Rules
We have added some specifications to our Hiatus page, addressing a few limitations on when hiatuses may be taken and the relationship between hiatuses and strikes. For all hiatuses filed previous to this announcement, they will be grandfathered in and exempt from these rules.

AC Bank Expansion
We have added some new options to our AC bank! Now available, among other things, are custom safehouses, verse-specific technology, and covert means. If you see something on this list which your character currently possesses, do not worry! Resources will be grandfathered to any players who have already utilized them.

We have also elaborated on each option, in the hopes of helping players to navigate their options more easily.

AC Points
Beginning with April's activity check, we will be implementing a slightly different bonus point system. While previously we have granted five (5) bonus points for each thread starter, we will be adjusting this incentive to apply only to OTA prompts and starters between new CR. Additionally, we will be implementing a bonus cap - a maximum of fifteen (15) points may be gained this way per month.

Chapter Summaries
Beginning with March's activity check, we will be adding some specifications to the Chapter Summary option we began in February. While we feel like this system was an overall success, we hope that refining it will enable us to integrate character actions even more deeply into the overall plot.

Moving forward, the requirements to gain the ten (10) bonus points will be: a description of at least one hundred (100) words, and two (2) links embedded in the summary. These links may be to any thread of the player's choosing, but we do prefer to see plot-relevant threads if possible.

+1 mod to the team!
In an effort to mitigate the RL-induced slowness with mod duties and response -- and because this player has been continuously helpful -- we've added a new mod to the team! Everyone please welcome Christy, our Handsome Jack mun into the fray!

We've provided a comment below for questions/comments/concerns/feedback. Please feel free to hit us with your best shot. As always, we welcome PMs as well, if you would prefer a private discussion.

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