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March Activity Check

Hello Joyers! It's time for AC again.

As a reminder, this month is a half-AC month for all. Thus, established players need only 10 points to satisfy AC and new players need 5.

The full details of the AC system can be reviewed here but to save you some clicking time, here's the skinny:

Time Line

You will have until 11:59 PM (CST), April 2nd, to submit your AC. AC periods run during the last three days of the current month and the first two days of the next month, with strikes and sweeps completed on the third prior to apps opening. If you know you won't be able to submit AC ahead of time, you can have a friend submit it on your behalf, or contact the mods privately (here) to work out other arrangements. Failure to report AC without previous arrangements will result in an automatic strike.

(However, please note that beginning in next AC period, we will be transitioning into automatic sweeps in the event that players do not check in without prior arrangement.)


Special Gamewide Exemption for halved AC this month only, numbers have been changed to reflect this below.
✗ New characters need to accrue 5 points to pass AC their first month.
✗ Established characters need to accrue 10 points.
✗ All points after accrual are converted into bonus points, or in game lingo, HP to spend on regains, pets, and etc!


✗ At least half of the threads turned in for AC should be threads started for the month in question (for instance, during March).
✗ The other half can be threads started at any time (i.e., backtags).
✗ Top levels created with sub-levels (ex. Phase I, II, & III) count as one top level
✗ Bonus points can be gained from threads started at any time.
✗ Inbox and TDM threads can be turned in for bonus points only.

Point Breakdown

✗ Network/Log Post or Top Level (5 Points)
✗ Network /Inbox Tag (1 Point)
✗ Log Tag/TDM (2 Points)


As of now, we're going to do a monthly post to make it easier for your mods to track. If you have more than one character, please post their AC info in separate comments. Please use the following template/format exactly--it helps the mods catch any discrepancies and make sure you don't miss out on any points you may be owed!

An example can be found here.

Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Bonus Points:
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Chapter Summary: Please tell us what your character has been doing this current chapter and what you plan to have them do before the end of it! In particular, we'd like to know how they're interacting with their faction. This section is for bonus HP and to help the mods incorporate IC actions into the chapter. In order to receive the +10 bonus points, your summary must be at least 100 words and include 2 links. These links may be to any thread of the player's choosing, but we do prefer to see plot-relevant threads if possible. Some handwaving and threads not yet completed are totally okay!


Joe was contacted by Hyperion (link) and attended the Peace Summit (link) where he argued for x, y, and z. He also picked up a warrant issued on behalf of Schmoe to transport unknown cargo to x destination (link).

Total: AC points = | Total HP gained = (Sum + Summary Bonus (10) - AC points)


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(frozen comment) Julius Visconti | God Eater 2

[personal profile] tousei 2017-03-30 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
when will I ever do network threads....

Alice (4) = 8
Sion (1) = 2
Lapis (9) = 18
Sion (8) = 16
Rhys (12) = 24
Lapis (10) = 20
Giovanni + Rhys (10) = 20
Steinbeck (8) = 16
SF (3) = 6
Giovanni (12) = 24
Shiro (4) = 8
Juvia (5) = 10
Lapis (3) = 6
Sion (9) = 18

Archer (2) = 4

Chapter Summary:
Julius promised Alice to help with her plans of setting up an orphanage for children, so he gave her some of his estate assets to work with and recommended her some people. Then he accompanies Sui Feng along with Giovanni to the Qreshi cruise where they guard her, run into Rhys (link), and finish their assignment without much difficulty. He then meets Shiro (link) at the Company barracks before he is due to depart for acclimation training and they catch up. He coughs up blood on Shiro during this time and has to face the difficult task of explaining his condition, but he keeps secret the fact that he thinks he will die soon.

Later on he undergoes acclimation training and finishes it to the point. He kills without hesitation but only to the minimum of deemed necessary - a seeming return to his old effective way of doing things, since disposing of excess bodies is adding more workload to the protocol etc etc. After training he goes back to usual escort work while being the host of quite a few dreams and having mental breakdowns inside them. He doesn't quite remember the emotional release but it helps him come to terms with accepting others' help without guilting himself, so it's a plus on the mental health side. At the end of the chapter Sion gets permission from Sui Feng to give him surgery to improve his physical health condition, and he gets a day or two of recuperating time.

Total: 196 + 4 - 10 + 10 = 200
Edited 2017-04-01 14:00 (UTC)
rhygret: (Default)

(frozen comment) Rhys | Borderlands

[personal profile] rhygret 2017-03-30 08:14 am (UTC)(link)
Crowley (23) = 46
Angel (12) = 24
Steph (3) = 6
Steph (22) = 44
Steph (20) = 40
Steph/Vaughn (4) = 5 + 8 = 13
Lapis (3) = 6
Steph/Gio/Vaughn (6) = 12
Juvia (10) = 20
Leo (13) = 26
Lavi (3) = 6
Takasugi (8) = 16
Yoruichi (1) = 5 + 2 = 7
Takasugi (4) = 8
Angel (15) = 30
Steinbeck (12) = 24
Royce (2) = 4
Open post (41) = 5 + 82 = 87
Jack (6) = 12
Rhys toplevel (70) = 5 + 140 = 145

Takasugi (1) = 1

Sion (3) = 3
Steph (21) = 21
Lavi (2) = 2
Jack (24) = 24
Giovanni (10) = 10

Royce (3) = 6

Chapter Summary:
This chapter was a little slower for Rhys! To start things off Rhys attended the Qreshi cruise. While there he spent most of his time drinking Hokk and trying to Talk a Good Talk about the project he's been working on, keep people from being too interested or upset about it, although he did somewhat accidentally wind up dancing with a member of Land Hyponia. That was a little...embarrassing. But Rhys got over it because Royce is hot and they're both tech nerds. He and Angel kept in contact throughout the cruise's duration, and that was when Rhys experienced his second of two recent nosebleeds thanks to his flashbacks and regains.

Most important towards his goals however was a discussion with Sion about what he truly aims to achieve with his work in the Badlands, a visit to see one Santo Ravindra, and some important meteorological data he got from Jack. Whe the thread goes up Rhys will also have hired Leo Fitz to begin working on some tech for him on the R&D side of things with the bandit filtration tech he's acquired.

IC Progress Rhys has made towards his goals can be found here.

Total: 643 + 10 - 10 = 643
Edited 2017-03-30 14:29 (UTC)
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(frozen comment) John Steinbeck | Bungou Stray Dogs

[personal profile] graftage 2017-03-30 01:20 pm (UTC)(link)
royce (4) = 8
log post + bucky + kate + alice + takasugi + lavi + julius + rhys (32)+5 = 69
jill (2) = 4

angel = 3
handsome jack = 2

alice = 6

Chapter Summary:
After completing his bloody work for Hyperion with fellow members Bucky Barnes and Handsome Jack, Steinbeck has been mostly laying low, ready for any further orders from Hyperion and/or the Resistance. In the meantime, he has gotten into some crazy messed-up dreams with some of the people he knows, and has done highly questionable things such as helping a friend cover up a murder and attempting to find a way to get Angel out of the Company. At the moment, he hasn't awoken any parts of his true identity further, but as time goes on, he might dwell more on what, exactly, his dreams meant in the first place...

Total: 92 - 10 + 10 = 92
iuramentum: Icon - <user name=milktea-x> (♔ 32)

(frozen comment) Saber | Fate/Zero

[personal profile] iuramentum 2017-03-30 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Sion (4) = 8
Lavi (2) = 4

Sion = 13

Chapter Summary: Not much to say here, (partially since it's been a rough month sldjflsjdfk) Saber's been keeping things not related to work on a backburner. However, she's starting to get more and more frustrated with Company orders being issued in relation to riot handling and as a result is starting to question the wisdom of the RAC enabling their behaviour. Neutrality is fine as a negotiating party between factions, but in this instance it's doing no-one any good.
Total: 25 - 10 = 15
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leopold fitz | mcu (agents of shield)

[personal profile] pesto 2017-03-31 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
log post with fenris, shiro and kate ( 4 ) = 13 points.
shiro ( 1 ) = 2 points.
hawke ( 2 ) = 4 points.
handsome jack ( 3 ) = 6 points
jason ( 4 ) = 4 points.

Chapter Summary: this was a slow, and quiet month for fitz! he hasn't quite jumped into the thick of things yet, but he has begun to poke his head into the shadier parts of the quad. within the company, he decided to complete the stress training (x) with shiro, which goes... well enough hopefully ( between shiro's piloting and fitz's panicked fixing, they should be fine ). the rest of the month is spent without much excitement, really, mostly checking up on "friends" and completing his private consulations — most notably jason (x) who he's probably owed a gun to for a while. at the same time, he's finding himself waking up in the middle of the night thanks to dreams that he never remembers. which would be a bigger problem if he slept very often, but things at the lab are always busy, which means there's less and less reasons for him to actually crash ( he'll be fine ).
Total: 29 + 10 - 5 = 34 points!
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(frozen comment) crowley eusford | owari no seraph

[personal profile] eusford 2017-03-31 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
03/01 LOG THREAD ( 24 comments ) = 48
03/15 TOP LEVEL 5 + 26 ( 13 comments ) = 31
03/16 LOG THREAD ( 18 comments ) = 36
03/18 LOG THREAD ( 6 comments ) = 12
03/18 LOG THREAD ( 8 comments ) = 16
03/19 LOG 5 + ( 5 comments ) = 10

BACKTAG ( 6 comments ) = 12
BACKTAG ( 3 comments ) = 6

03/03 ( 14 comments ) = 14
BACKTAG ( 5 comments ) = 5
BACKTAG ( 10 comments ) = 10

Chapter Summary: Crowley attended the Qreshi cruise where he discussed political business "The Plan" with Rhys. More importantly slowly revealing his grey morality by prying into the business of Company member Giovanni. While he is curious of life where he detaches himself from his family, ridding his Qreshi citizenship in the process, the possibility of him doing that is slim so long as the events continuing to unfold remain interesting. He might not have a lot of responsibilities but so long as he has any he'll remain unmoved.

He later meets Hanna in her dreams and experiences emotions he hasn't in years: sympathy, anger, and sadness. It's actually kind of adorable? He's confused and probably will never speak of this to anyone. In his own dreams he and Sion manage to make great first impressions. Being a Knight Templar was hard but that's not entirely surprising; Crowley with blue eyes is, however.
Total: 200 + 10 - 10 = 200
Edited 2017-03-31 03:12 (UTC)
brokeassgoing: (noop)

(frozen comment) Badou Nails | DOGS: Bullets and Carnage

[personal profile] brokeassgoing 2017-03-31 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
thanks for the toplevel and the urinal (3) + 5 = 20
is this a cult thing (11) = 22
gotta go fast (8) = 16
casper plz (2) = 4
remember that scene in inuyasha? me 2 (5) = 10
school gayz (6) = 12

live like you wanna die young (18) = 18

Chapter Summary:
Badou'd promised himself he wouldn't get any more involved if things had gone to shit, but that hadn't exactly happened. He'd gotten mysterious instructions to go about some missions, thankfully for pay, but it hasn't stopped Badou from Thinking Too Much about the way and the weight of the world.

Fortunately there were family drama things in a family that ain't even fucking his to keep him into trouble. The rest of the month tended to be uneventful, what, with incredibly bizarre dreams involving cults, people he doesn't even have the displeasure of knowing (yet) and, well, urinals. He threw a urinal when Company things got tight. That happened. His finest moment.

84 + 15 + 10 - 10 = 99
refactor: (it's the children who are wrong)

(frozen comment) handsome jack | borderlands

[personal profile] refactor 2017-03-31 02:19 pm (UTC)(link)
with Alice (B) (5) = 10
with Juvia (B) (6) = 12
with Angel (5) = 5 + 10 = 15
with Rhys, Fitz (8) = 5 + 16 = 21
with Takasugi (3) = 6
with Sui Feng (1) = 2

with Hawke (B) (6) = 6
post (29) = 5 + 29 = 34

with Hawke (B) (5) = 5
with Rhys (25) = 25
with Hawke (5) = 5

with Percy (5) = 10

Chapter Summary:
After the fall of the Accords (and Jack's borderline insane idea to tackle them), things are starting to settle back to something like a normal routine for Jack. He's still dutifully working for the Company on the surface despite his new ties to Hyperion, and his hard work is rewarded. With shiny new toys to play with and offering some "job training" for the people whose records aren't so stellar in making the Company happy, it's all and all not a terrible month at all. Things are starting to look up for Jack, and he's more than happy about that, because it means taking just enough of a foothold to maybe bring the Company to their knees one day.

But even so, there are some other oddities taking place that he can't ignore. He's not much of a dreamer, but his dreams are *especially vivid this month, which he finds weird. Between that and some other side effects he's not sure of the source of, it's enough for him to reach out and ask the general populace if the effects are isolated or not. Mostly, he just does what Jack does and ends up shitposting, but to himself, he's wondering what the source could really be. It's a little too odd to be just coincidence.

151 + 10 - 10 =
151 points
Edited 2017-03-31 14:20 (UTC)
sunderings: (sparklesparklesparkle)

(frozen comment) Sion Astal | Legend of Legendary Heroes

[personal profile] sunderings 2017-04-01 04:17 am (UTC)(link)


w/Alice (3) = 6
w/Lapis (3) = 6
w/Saber (3) = 6
w/Ryner (1) = 2
w/Shiro (1) = 2
w/Giovanni (1) = 2

(chapter 4)

top-level + ota w/various (16) 5 + 32 = 37
top-level + ota w/various (17) 5 + 34 = 39
w/Julius (7) = 14
w/Rin (4) = 8
w/Crowley (4) = 8
w/Lapis (1) = 2
w/Lavi (1) = 2



w/Lapis (2) = 2

(chapter 4)

w/Rhys (3) = 3
w/Saber (13) = 13
w/Alice (6) = 6
w/Hijikata (5) = 5

Chapter Summary: After the closure of the Peace Summit, Sion busied himself with aiding those affected by the gang-violence in Westerley by publicly repairing the damage done to various homes and shops while weathering the resulting backlash with a smile. To those who would listen, he offered words of compassion and hope, and was grateful to be assisted in his task by Lapis. During this time, he also ventured to Leith, in brief, after being called upon by Alice to do damage control after the Liddell family lawyer made an attempt on her life, and coincidentally, that very lawyer wound up dead. Though Sion made the offer to assist with clean-up, he was rejected and delegated to childcare instead.

In the days following, when not busy offering relief to Old Town's civilian population and combating gang-violence, Sion met with Keith to discuss the shipment of supplies in from Leith for a warehouse project which might one day reach the Badlands, but abruptly, Sion's plans were put on hold when he received word that he'd been assigned to Company acclimation training on the back of his dead subordinate. Afterward, Sion composed himself by visiting Saber, and participated in acclimation training the next day, completing it at a satisfactory level, though notably abstaining from the use of unnecessary force.

Mindful of his steps thereafter, Sion found himself reluctant to venture far from the Company command post, choosing to focus upon Julius' deteriorating physical condition for the time being, and in doing so, sequestered himself away in the Company labs to work toward a solution to preserve his friend's health. Until....! An associate sounded like he was going to do something dumb, and Sion soon found himself upon Leith in his worry, and accidentally bumped into a young boy linked to the Monastery who then told him of the worsening plight on Leith.

His determination to aid civilians renewed and stronger than ever, Sion means to find a way to aid both Leith and Westerley before the circumstances engulfing each moon can worsen...!!

Total: AC points = 163 | Total HP gained = (163 + (10) - 10) 163
Edited 2017-04-01 04:25 (UTC)
kirkwalled: ➝ COMMISSION DO NOT TAKE (pic#10114846)

(frozen comment) marian hawke | dragon age

[personal profile] kirkwalled 2017-04-01 05:49 am (UTC)(link)
- OTA + Rin, Fitz (6) | 5 + 12 = 17
- OTA + Gio (3) | 5 + 6 = 11
- OTA + Angel (2) | 5 + 4 = 9

- Fenris (4) | 8 | Backtag
- Fenris (4) | 8 | Backtag
- Hijikata (2) | 4 | Backtag
- Jack (2) | 4 | Backtag
- Kara (3) | 6 | Backtag

- Angel (8) | 8
- Jack (8) | 8

- Bucky (5) | 5 | Backtag
- Jack (8) | 8 | Backtag
- Juvia (5) | 5 | Backtag

- Bucky (1) | 1
- Fenris (1) | 1
- Jack (10) | 10

- Bucky (4) | 4 | Backtag
- Fenris (3) | 3 | Backtag
- Jack (3) | 3 | Backtag
- Jack (5) | 5 | Backtag

- Annabeth (2) | 4
- Bigby (1) | 2

Chapter Summary: Hawke did a whole lotta nothing, but it was a purposeful kind of nothing so it works out for her! She spent the month focusing on her friends instead because last months sudden evals rubbed her the wrong way -- if they're so neutral, why are they pushing for higher ranking Killjoys? And taking more Company warrants? That's pretty bullshit, to her. It doesn't stop her from taking warrants drenched in politics if they have a fat paycheck though, because if she has to be a performing dog, she'll dance for her treats.

The rest of time though, she did what was important to her. Feeding friends or making sure they had some things to cheer them up in the tumultuous times. That was what made Hawke feel better about her place in the Quad, and going into Chapter Five, it'll still be the thing she prioritizes most -- personal bonds over planetary politics. At least, until the RAC starts demanding more of her. Then she'll reconsider.

Oh, and she still hasn't found her dog.

Total: 134 + 10 - 10 = 134
nekoshunshin: (pic#9064519)

(frozen comment) Yoruichi Shihōin | Bleach

[personal profile] nekoshunshin 2017-04-01 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
New arrival!

With badou (1) = 2
Family Reunion w/Rhys (2) = 4
W/Kara (2) = 4

W/Taka (1) = 1

Creating backstory w/Taka (3) = 6

Chapter Summary: Nothing to summarize, really... I've been MIA post surgery and dropped all balls and spoons. >.<

Total: AC = 5 | Total HP (17-5) = 12
lotusmesenpai: (but it breaks so easy)

(frozen comment) Kanda Yu | DGM

[personal profile] lotusmesenpai 2017-04-01 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Not!Date night (9) = 18
Changing relationship status w/Lavi (15) = 30
Kanda's Dreamscape (2 + 5) = 9

Kittens w/Kara (7) = 7

Chapter Summary: Nothing to summarize, though I did have about 8 more threads with a single tag that I'm not counting because that just seems like cheating or something....

Total: AC = 10 | Total HP (64 -10) = 54
impulsors: (pic#10667437)


[personal profile] impulsors 2017-04-02 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
3 comments = 6 pts
7 comments = 14 pts
20 comments = 40 pts

Chapter Summary: plot-wise, keith did basically nothing this chapter. per the metaplot, he projected a few dreams here and there and "trained" with qrow, thread unfinished because i tag like i get my wifi from hell, but safe to assume that he thinks qrow's a shit and could go back again. he got roped into sion's project re: building safehouses in the badlands in spite of himself, because a warrant's a warrant, even at lv. 1, and probably went back to smaller-time warrants after that fell through. continues to harbor opinions on killjoy neutrality and will likely yell them at someone soon.
Total: 60 - 10 (ac) + 10 (summary bonus) = 60 pts
Edited (oh my god.) 2017-04-02 05:53 (UTC)
stressors: gift! please dnt. (pic#11062108)

(frozen comment) shiro | voltron: legendary defender

[personal profile] stressors 2017-04-02 08:21 am (UTC)(link)
fitz + julius + hijikata (7) = 14
fitz (2) = 4
keith (20) = 40
rhys (1) = 2

angel (2) = 2

sion (3) = 3

Chapter Summary: unfortunately shiro didn't really do anything of note! he played security detail on the qreshi cruiser, but he didn't really have a taste for the pomp and grandeur. after the party, julius gets tuberculosis on him, and shiro leaves the exchange sincerely worrying after his old friend... and also questioning the kind of hold the company keeps on its men, if julius is still trying to do its dirty work at the expense of his deteriorating health.

after getting assigned to acclimation and stress training both, shiro died really reflected on his position in the company. although he'll complete each mission with varying degrees of success (hopefully?? my backtagging is getting to be a real problem, but i digress), he doesn't exactly... use the merciless means that the company wants him to use to get the job done. which means he doesn't use force on rioters, or kill anyone on the field. plus, he probably looked at open space the wrong way during stress training -- alas and alackaday, he'll bring fitz and the ship back to base in one piece without another attempt at desertion written in his record.......

his arm will never blow up at this rate

Total: 65 + 10 - 10 = 65
ofobedience: please do no take (Default)

(frozen comment)

[personal profile] ofobedience 2017-04-02 11:57 am (UTC)(link)
Julius (11) + 5 = 27
Ryner (3) = 6
Rhys, Julius (10) = 20
Crowley (8) = 16
Hawke (3) = 6
Steph (3) + 5 = 11
Badou, Heine (5) = 10
Rhys (31) = 62
Jack (12) = 12
Rhys (10) = 10
Chapter Summary: Not much to report this month! Gio had some weird dreams and attended stress training, as well as acting as guard dog on the Qreshi cruise. He had some much needed R+R with Rhys and is slowly but surely starting to develop loyalties to individuals rather than just the nebulous 'Company' only going to get him in trouble sooner or later, to be sure.

He was a pretty good doge this month and didn't play up much...aside from one evening when he decided to give his Handler the slip in Old Town to go off looking for Heine, and he played a fun game of pin Badou against the wall by his neck. A good time was had by all....or maybe just him but never mind that.

Total: 180 + 10 - 10 = 180
Edited (sorry I suck ;;) 2017-04-02 12:03 (UTC)
moneyman: (Default)

(frozen comment) Vaughn | Borderlands

[personal profile] moneyman 2017-04-02 03:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Corrin (3) = 6
Rhys, Steph (4) = 8
Rhys, Steph, Giovanni (5) = 10
Rhys (3) = 6
Steph, Rhys (4) = 8
Fenris (3) = 6

Chapter Summary: I got nothin'. Totally blew it last month. I will endeavor to do better in April!
Total: 44 - 10 = 34
counterspied: (13)

(frozen comment) Ango Sakaguchi | Bungou Stray Dogs

[personal profile] counterspied 2017-04-02 05:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Ryner (3) = 6

Chapter Summary: Nothing much this month, will endeavour to do better next round.

Total: AC = 5 | Total HP (6-5) = 1
Edited 2017-04-02 17:18 (UTC)
lefthandfree: (Default)

(frozen comment)

[personal profile] lefthandfree 2017-04-02 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Badou (5) = 10
Steinbeck (1) = 2
Rhys (1) = 2
— backtags —
Team Root Intros (2) = 4
Team Root Does Bad Shit (1) = 2
Jack (2) = 4
Keith (1) = 2

Jack (8) = 8
Angel (7) = 7
— backtags —
Hawke (5) = 5

— backtags —
Hawke (3) = 3

Bayo-chan (1) = 2
Bigby (1) = 2

Chapter Summary: In general, he’s been laying low because of fake Resistance, and he’s sure Hyperion isn’t done with his team yet, so he’s been chilling until he gets the call. As always, the conflicting state of politics is on his mind, and he finds himself unsure (and extremely wary) of where the climate is headed.

Bucky has been affected by the dreams as others have, generally tending toward memories of someone he can’t quite remember (fact of this scattered around in my threads from this month). This heavily affected conversation he had with an anonymous poster. The conversation has left him questioning why he feels such strong vindication toward the notions of freedom as well as friendship since they both managed to upset him, and very few things do that in his present life. It’s all Very Disconcerting. The stranger has him wondering also what could possibly make someone ask such a thing so anonymously and have no one to go to. He attempted a trace via a contact but got nothing. Very Curious.

That aside, he picked up a stray dog because some people just beg for trouble, but as an Old Town native, he's finding all the extra rioting quite unnecessary, and it turns into a weird two birds one stone situation where he can help the guy and also stop some of the meaningless bloodshed going on (with the power of pizza!!). He’s gotten a better glimpse of Steinbeck as he truly is (making Bucky feel more concern for him as in individual) and bonded through ridiculous means with Rhys who direly needs proper friends (and a hug, which is coming eventually). Though Jack has proven to be a maniac, Bucky still tries his best to get along with and befriend him (ish. he doesn’t actually want to be friends since they just work together. friendly is fine), but unknown to him all that progress was ruined because Hawke let slip to Jack elsewhere about the casual friends with benefits relationship he has with her, and Jack Is Not Happy anymore because he saw Hawke first (or something). So...Team Root might have some internal trouble in the near future...

tl;dr: adopts Badou, makes friends with Steinbeck and Rhys, gets rejected by a stranger (Angel), and was nice to Jack (but Jack hates him now anyway so Team Root might be fucked)

Total: 53 (+ 10 Summary - 10 AC points) = 53
Balance: 141 + 53 = 194
oneirism: (Default)

(frozen comment)

[personal profile] oneirism 2017-04-02 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Log (6) + 5 = 17
With Julius (9) = 18

Chapter Summary: Sorry I got nothing. I'll try to do better next month!

Total: AC = 5 | Total HP (35 - 5) = 30
r3f4c70r3d: (Default)

(frozen comment)

[personal profile] r3f4c70r3d 2017-04-02 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
Log Post (5 + 26) = 57
Hawke (3) = 6
Jack (7) = 14
Rhys (23) = 46
Rhys and Royce (5) = 10
Giovanni (2) = 4

Net Post (5+20) = 45
Rhys (14)= 14


Chapter Summary: After the fall of the accords, Angel's life and perceived purpose has been thrown into a bit of a disarray. The future is foggy, but Jack has reassigned her to start looking for ways to take down the Nine, specifically the Kendrys though she's only looking for names for now. She's taken her first steps towards this by accompanying Rhys on the Qreshi cruise via earpice, where she both listened in to the conversations around her, and planted some dormant code on Rhys's family ship though she has no specific plans what to do with it. While all this has been happening, Angel has been experiencing strange and intense dreams, some of which she can remember, others not so much, but the latter always feel more traumatizing when she awakens. Without anyone to talk to about the matter (Jack is not an option) she does something new, she goes anonymous and posts on a public forum to try to find answers, and though she hasn't found much,she at least makes some interesting connections on the way.

Total: 196
servitor: (Default)

(frozen comment) Nyx Ulric | FFXV

[personal profile] servitor 2017-04-02 10:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Drunken Dreams (5+18) = 23
Acclimation (5+2) = 7
With Bayonetta (6) = 6
Chapter Summary: Nothing this time, will get you one next time

AC = 10 | TOTAL = (36-10) = 26
brickinthewall: (Default)

(frozen comment) hanna king // oc

[personal profile] brickinthewall 2017-04-02 11:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Fighting a dream (2) = 2
Being a dream (5+16) = 21

Chapter Summary:
Most of Hanna's time this month was spent being consumed by hallucinations, reminders of a dark past and darker times. Reaching level 5 has become her obsession, her singular goal in order to be able to find those damned answers and the revenge that she wants, but at a price. She opts to fight in the cages instead of standard training. That's when she runs into Crowley again, not quite remembering where he's from or how she knows him thanks to being beat up tremendously. Between bouts of consciousness the pair slip into her alternate past. Hanna won't remember much, but she somehow has a feeling of want and hope, combined with the usual loneliness and desperation.

She also comes across Sui Feng, a fellow weapon who experiences some of Hanna's less-than-pleasant life and emotions. Eventually, Hanna may put together that Sui Feng went to the Company, while she went to the RAC, and might find they're really just the same kind of person on opposite ends.

AC = 10 | TOTAL = (21 + 2 + 10 - 10) = 23
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(frozen comment) lavi | d.gray-man

[personal profile] inksplashes 2017-04-02 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Corrin 2 = 4
Shipping B.S. with Kanda 8 = 16
Proper shipping B.S. with Kanda, x2 (nsfw) 16 = 32
Kate 3 = 6
Taka 2 = 4
Rhys 3 = 6
Rhys, x2 3 = 6
Giovanni 3 = 6
Rin 2 = 4
Jason 2 = 4
Network: N/a
Inbox: N/a
TDM: N/a
Chapter Summary: Since I was out most of this month and/or on hiatus for a lot of it, Lavi did very little in the current chapter and nothing that could be used for plot purposes!

Total: 88
AC points = 10 | Total HP gained = 78 (88-10)
homonka: (Default)

(frozen comment) sui feng | bleach

[personal profile] homonka 2017-04-02 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Logs: Dream Open + Tags (various CR) = Starer + 6 comments = 5 + 12
Chapter Summary: See above hiatus! There are a few other threads I could theoretically turn in but for the sake of sanity/continuity I'll turn those in next month when they've gotten further along.
AC = 10 | TOTAL = (17-10) = 7
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(frozen comment) fenris | dragon age

[personal profile] eleutheron 2017-04-02 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)

With Fitz (3 comments) = 6 pts
With Rhys (3 comments) = 6 pts

Chapter Summary: MAYBE NEXT TIME ...
Total: AC = 10 | 12-10 = 2 HP gained
Edited 2017-04-02 23:59 (UTC)
fledges: (013)

(frozen comment) Kate Bishop | Marvel Comics

[personal profile] fledges 2017-04-03 12:30 am (UTC)(link)
Logs: Steinbeck 3 x 2 = 6
Lavi 3 x 2 = 6

Chapter Summary: I was utterly worthless this month. I'm sorry!
Total: 12 - 10 = 2 HP gained, oops :c
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(frozen comment) Ryner Lute | Legend of Legendary Heroes

[personal profile] somnusrex 2017-04-03 01:08 am (UTC)(link)
log post + Ango (6) + 5 = 17
Sion (5) = 10
Jill (1) = 2
Giovanni (3) = 6

Chapter Summary: Ryner didn't do a whole lot this month, although he was involved with accompanying Sion to rebuild things in Westerley and their continuing project of building a safehouse in the Badlands. He made some headway into research for architectural plans and so on relating to that, but mostly he was just involved in the whole dream phenomenon.

Total: 35 - 10 (foregoing the summary bonus since he did nothing at all plot related and was just in dream logs) = 25
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(frozen comment) Alice Liddell [American McGee's Alice]

[personal profile] digophelia 2017-04-03 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
Julius (4) = 8
Lavi (2) = 4
Takasugi (3) =6
Rin (4) = 8
Jack (4) = 8
Sion (5) = 10
Steinbeck (7) = 7
Sion (7) = 7

Chapter Summary: Tension grew between Alice and her lawyer because of the last chapter. Alice began investing, funding, and collecting donations to help children. She began to retreat privately in fear of standing out and in a quiet disapproval of the state of affairs. Her lawyer became violent and attacked Gwen and Alice, growing angry as Alice began to openly talk about leaving her quite a bit of her inheritance. Alice had no choice to use self-defense and killed the man. She then inboxed Sion and asked him to take Gwen after asking Steinbeck for advice. Not long thereafter, Alice likely experienced an episode and nearly blacked out the whole incident.

Total: 68- 5 = 58 ?
shikomizue: (pic#9306711)

(frozen comment) Takasugi Shinsuke | Gintama

[personal profile] shikomizue 2017-04-03 03:14 am (UTC)(link)
with Royce (3 comments)
with Rhys (2 comments)
with Hyperion (1 comment)
with Jack (4 comments)
with Yoruichi (2 comments)

with Gintoki @ TDM (1 comment)
with Kanda (1 comment)
with Lavi (3 comments)
with Rhys (9 comments)
with Lapis (2 comments)
with Kate (4 comments)
with Kanda (1 comment)
with Yoruichi @ TDM (3 comments)
with Rhys (11 comments)
with Alice (4 comments)
with Rhys (4 comments)
with Jack (3 comments)
with Rhys (5 comments)
with Kanda (1 comment)
with Steinbeck (4 comments)
dream starters


TOTAL: 129 - 10AC = 119

BALANCE: 325 + 10 summary bonus = 335
[ Suffering the same troubling dreams as everyone else this month, Takasugi made contact with Royce over the network to arrange a meeting regarding the condition, as he'd learned of it's pervasiveness when talking to Jack. His own dreams, interloped upon by several, were derived from implanted memories, some indescernable from his real experiences and some simply indulgent fantasies. Observing Rhys's dream, Takasugi felt the extent of the man's desire to be respected, while chatting with Steinbeck among a forest of corpses only solidified their mutual propensity for bloodlust.

With the return of Yoruichi - an agent who often works in conjunction with the Kiheitai - to the Quad, Takasugi is eager to take advantages of the current political climate in any way he can. He's gone along with Hyperion this far, the Leithan kidnapping requested in-progress as chapters change over, and intends to continue to do so provided their goals do not clash. ]
lacuscular: <user name=terpzilla> (pic#11153010)

(frozen comment) Juvia Lockser | Fairy Tail

[personal profile] lacuscular 2017-04-03 03:28 am (UTC)(link)
Dream Log (5 + 30) = 35
Crowley = 12
Hijikata = 2


Chapter Summary: Juvia goes through some stress training to help her settle through all the events going on recently within Old Town and the Company as a whole. Her time during the riots have definitely made a bad feeling settle in her stomach regarding her loyalty and where she stands with the Company. Despite that budding suspicion, Juvia still needs Money.

So, she attends the Qreshi Cruise as Crowley's go-to woman and bodyguard contracted by the Company. Generally trying to blend in and keep a friend protected, as well anyone else if need be. Outside of that, she's been dealing with the recent dream shenanigans going on, having the misfortune of people knowing Things about herself and, even more, weird dreams that she can't seem to put a finger on why she's having them.
Total: 94 + 10 for Summary = 104 - 10 for AC = 94
demonly: (pic#11044128)

(frozen comment) rin okumura | blue exorcist

[personal profile] demonly 2017-04-03 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
3/16 - top level (5 + 14 = 19)
3/17 - sui feng (2)
3/18 - hawke (4)
3/18 - dream log (5 + 2 + 2 + 22 = 31)

3/4 - backtag (8)
3/4 - backtag (4)
3/4 - backtag (8)
3/4 - backtag (4)

3/2 - crowley (13)
3/2 - backtag (7)

Chapter Summary:
Rin spent the duration of the chapter heavily involved in the protests on Leith. So involved that, in an effort to protect a Leithian elite from harm, he was in an altercation with Company man Hijikata, resulting in physical harm coming to him as well as being a catalyst to his desire to join the resistance. Following the fires on Leith, he could be seen asking around for advice on how to make the most of what they had during the famine.

Additionally, he had some interesting dreams pertaining to both his experiences as a bioweapon as well as his emotional and academic memories from his home world.

Total: 100 + 10 - 10 = 100

**Additional note: last month, I accidentally deducted 20 points from my AC instead of the 10 I was supposed to as a new-coming character. Here is a link to my AC comment from last month, and if those 10 points could be added into this months AC to make my total 110, that would be great! But I understand if not.
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(frozen comment) Royce Bracket | Transistor

[personal profile] decompiler 2017-04-03 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
Rhys (2) = 4
Steinbeck (4) = 8
Rhys & Angel (6) = 12

Angel (1) = 1

Takasugi (3) = 3

Hannibal (2) = 4
Rhys (4) = 8
Red (1) = 2

Chapter Summary:
With the upheaval that has recently seized Land Hyponia, Royce has had to make himself a bit more politically available than he's used to. That's the price of being left to his work most of the time, after all. Several weeks prior to Seyah Kendry's fete, Royce enjoyed a chance reunion with Rhys, who previously got a little taste of Royce's poor bedside manner in the wake of the plague. Well, somehow the fact that Royce is an awkward weirdo didn't deter him at all until the night of the aforementioned party, which Royce actually kind of enjoyed a little bit before shit got awkward. Royce is still not 100% on how exactly Rhys managed to go this long without realizing his affiliation and is a little disappointed to learn that they're not quite as like-minded in their indifference as he had assumed. Despite all that, the man knows his tech and Royce is still looking forward to helping Rhys with the installation of a new mod. Which is not... entirely a lawful action, but then neither is the way Royce always keeps mum about illegal hack-mods.

Speaking of illegal... As strange dreams and hallucinations begin to afflict people across the Quad, Royce has been observing and taking notes with burgeoning curiosity. He's had more than one person come to him with complaints that they believe their various neural implants might be malfunctioning, but he can't seem to find any compelling commonalities among them. He has no mods himself and has had no dreams thus far, but he still hasn't found satisfying evidence of a correlation. Lately he's been batting around the possibility that the dreams people are reporting could maybe be a late complication of Nikora's plague and is contemplating soliciting experiences from the public. Regardless of the cause, some people just want it to stop; enter Takasugi, who has successfully made contact with a mod expert that various elements of the underworld know only as "Fairview."

Who is Fairview, exactly? It's generally assumed that he's gotta be a Company employee who's being very careful to cover his ass, but the only part that really matters is that the guy's willing to diagnose and repair all kinds of cybernetic enhancements for the right price, and without asking too many questions. For his part, Royce feels this new territory is philanthropic at its heart; and even if it wasn't, say, totally above board—even if it puts him in the position of helping out, say, illegally modded tunnel rats, or criminals, or members of the resistance, well—there's still the overarching importance of the data. There's always a need for more data...

Total: 42 - 5 + 10 = 47
Edited (....i hecked again.) 2017-04-03 04:52 (UTC)
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(frozen comment) Jill Stingray | VA-11 HALL-A

[personal profile] whydogs 2017-04-03 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
Logs: Top level + Comments = 7
Rin Okimura = 4
Juvia Lockser = 2
Network: Handsome Jack = 2

Chapter Summary: For the most part, Jill has been keeping a low profile and keeping herself out of trouble. She did experience a couple of dreams where she was bartending at a bar different than the one she normally works at. In addition to that, she provided service to a number of Corgis because... yeah. She also found herself involved in a couple of other dreams. Aside from that, there's not much else to really say about her. Moving forward, she just wants to keep doing what she's doing. Although she might be looking forward to changing it up just a little bit.

Maybe a pet?

Total: 20 | 15 + 10 (summary bonus) - 5 (new character AC)
Edited 2017-04-03 04:51 (UTC)
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Hijikata Toushirou | Gintama

[personal profile] mayora13 2017-04-03 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
with Hawke (2 comments)
with Sion (5 comments)

with Lapis (1 comment)
with Juvia (1 comment)
with Rin (3 comments)
with Sui Feng (1 comment)
with Juvia (1 comment)
with Giovanni (1 comment)
with Hawke (2 comments)
with Juvia (2 comments)
with Badou (2 comments)
Chapter 4 starters


TOTAL: 40 - 10AC = 30

BALANCE: 85 + 10 summary bonus = 95
[ Hijikata did his best to avoid giving much thought to the dreams he had, as he both underwent stress training (twice... the first time was a personal failure) and led an acclimation mission. The Company also gave him the task of scouring the city for a very rare carrot. No joke.

After all of his Company duties wrapped up neatly, Hijikata took personal leave for the first time in his career. Traveling to Leith, concerned about his family, Hijikata took care to remain on the periphery of daily life on the moon. However, his absence was noticed by Sion, who contacted him expressing his support and an order not to get into trouble. Which Hijikata soon broke, getting into an altercation with Rin over a Leithan protester. The intervention escalated, resulting in a scene that left Hijikata battered and tensions higher than before. He reported this incident true to what happened, as he'd assured Sion he would. ]
Edited 2017-04-03 05:19 (UTC)