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slams in all my ooc paperwork like a madwoman

hello hello! i am 100% new here though i think i know a fair few of you? i'm lucy and you can find me at [ profile] lucylovespluto on plurk!! feel free to add me if you want.

i am bringing in this lady, annabeth chase, from the riordan mythos 'verse! you can find her application here in her journal, which i will pretty up at a later date. in canon she is the brilliant & terrifying bff-turned-girlfriend of percy jackson, daughter of athena (this means she is a demigod, and also hella smart and good with weapons, heck yeah) who inspires everyone who meets her to think "wow she's scary" and occasionally greets people with knives to the throat or whatever when stressed / sometimes argues with sphinxes that their riddles are not Hard enough and other such shenanigans.

in overjoyed she's the full au option with established for 2 years, making her 19! she is a warrant/info broker for the rac, and will be operating between rac headquarters, westerley, and a ship. assuming magnus chase gets in later he'll be her medic-brother who will be doing the same with her and they'll be a mini team so there is that! her history in super brief is that she was born on leith to a merchant/info broker family, eventually got slated to be a surrogate, went "nah" and ran off to join the rac, and has worked there ever since. she's still fairly intense and her fatal flaw is still hubris, alas.

if you have questions or want to work out cr or w/e let me know! thank you.

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