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just some obscure character nbd

Hello OJ! This is Christy, player of Handsome Jack, and I'm bringing you yet another tirefire of a character, but at least this one is more charming(?)—

...In a sense of the word. My second character is one you may have hard of! Just an obscure character by the name of Hannibal Lecter. For those of you familiar with the franchise, Hannibal comes from NBC's tv series version of Hannibal, and for those of you not, well. It's much more gay and pretentious than the original movies. In short. It's a wild ride.

Or more seriously to get to something that's actually quite important! If you're not familiar with Hannibal and what he does, Hannibal is a completely unrepentant serial killer and cannibal, and this is still true in the game. So, if you would like to opt out of playing with Hannibal or otherwise have limits you'd like to communicate to me, please please please use his handy dandy opt-out post! Cannibalism is disgusting, so if that squicks you, please let me know! Even if you opt-out of playing with him completely, I'll be much happier that you did rather than tag you and make you uncomfortable.

But. Cannibalism aside.

Hannibal is a kind, charitable, and charismatic doctor who lives on Leith with his husband, Will Graham. Hannibal is a socialite and makes his living as a doctor for the rich and well-to-do of the Quad, so if your character is Qreshi or higher society Leithian, it's very likely that they know who he is and may have met him! So I'm super open to pre-establishing CR about that! Like, I love pre-established CR, bring it to me... If you'd like more detail, his application is here, and if you'd like even more, there's a more complete history linked in the app, though it has a boatload of content warnings because Hannibal sucks.

Anyways! My taste in characters sucks! As usual, feel free to friend me on plurk at [ profile] yeezus if you haven't already, and otherwise, I'm super excited to bring you a high society gossip who is also a completely awful person...!

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