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casually baseslides in

Hello hello! My name is Ty and I'm 100% new here which is to say I'm also incredibly excited to be here!

I bring with me this dumb fish child, Percy Jackson, from the Riordan Mythos book universe (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, etc.) You can read more about him over at his application here but the lowdown is that canonically he's a Greek demigod (son of Poseidon specifically) who's kind of the savior of Olympus, a hero, the bff-turned-boyfriend of the brilliantly scary daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase, and a protag that really, really would appreciate a break.

In Overjoyed he's fully AU'd with one year established making him 18 instead of his canon 17 and he acts as an attendant in a weaponry shop and also a freelance ship mechanic on Westerley. More about his AU history is found in the app linked above.

Anyway like I said I'm excited to be here and look forward to playing with everybody! You can reach me over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] alternatively if you'd like for any pre-established CR or plotting or etc. Thank you!
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my fish son
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I'M NOT well no i am. nothing could be as bad as robowest after all.
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no, i'm definitely going to get him murdered. sorry, bud!
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!! get out tho
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ty please i believe in us

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i believe in her...!

also he can but only if annabeth gets to judoflip his ass after??????
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i'm being ic!!!!!
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oh man a percy!! i loved percy jackson when i read it, i should really go back and hunt the rest of the books down >:c

hi ty!! i'm jay, and i play fitz from agents of shield, aka a giant engineering nerd. he's also a nerd here — he's part of the r&d department in the company — but!! he also tends to freelance on the side as a general tech guy

SO MY QUESTION IS how do you feel about pre-established stuff from one tech nerd to another
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ONE DAY i will, mark my words

eey hopefully i live up to your expectations then!! he's a bit of a grouch but he's got a good heart, i promise. also once you're a tech nerd you're always a tech nerd, t b h — fitz's weird life also currently has him a little ":/" about the company, so if anything the feeling is... mutual... but ye they can definitely bounce ideas off of each other and be nerds in general, i'm excited!! i'll go on and add you on plurk if that's okay c: