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+1 Pseudo Rabbit

HELLO OVERJOYED, name's Gaacha and I am totally new here. I was enabled to this game by someone anon in the EnableMe meme this month and I have to say I'm super happy they did.

This game looks hellishly fun and I love the premise behind it--so I'm bringing in one super hacker slash videogamer from the series DRAMAtical Murder. (I know the game is infamous in its own ways but I just love Noiz as a character so I can't help myself.)
Noiz is, as said above, a super hacker and programmer who is mostly obsessed with playing a certain type of video game and selling information. He's hedonistic and unfriendly, obsessive and secretive--and most of all, he can't feel pain and throws himself into danger often.

He'll be coming into the game with 2 years of established history in the RAC as a warrant broker, but his AU history makes him ex-Qresh. By choice. Those guys really are a bunch of assholes and they treated him as a problem to be hidden from the world so he escaped to work with people who he felt he could make a decent living on in his own way.

If you'd like to talk to me about established CR or future threads, please do feel free to have a chat with me, you can add me on plurk  @ [plurk.com profile] vicinity !!

I look forward to meeting you all in-game!
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I'm Squee! And I've got Hawke here who is a Killjoy who could have definitely taken a warrant from Noiz a few times sometime during his time as a broker if you'd like that. c: I've also got Will Graham ([personal profile] sweats) from Hannibal but he's more part of the Company/Enforcers!

Noiz seems like a lot of fun!! I know what you mean about the game's rep HAHA but I've always liked Noiz in rp so I'm looking forward to seeing him around!

Hope you have a good time /o/ And looking forward to hitting you up in the future!
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hawke just lives her life!! aaand gets into a consistent amount of trouble as a result :'| will, meanwhile. he uh. he tries to keep sane. preemptive apologies if noiz ever runs into him

but excellent, cool c:
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Welcome!! I am Dolly and I play Rhys from Borderlands who just so happens to be one of those Qresh losers who is still living it up in style B> I mean he hates them too but he really enjoys being rich so it's a bit of a double edge sword there.

I'm not familiar with Noiz or his canon but I look forward to seeing him in the game and would be down for some pre established CR if you'd like!
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I am down for this like hella??? I mean if Noiz ever went to rich...Qresh....school...Rhys probably at least knew of him??? He's up on his gossip yo he a Kendry and they have their fingers in every cookie jar 8'| I mean he's the biggest loser of them but but. y'know
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I bet there are all sorts of rumours about how his family got rid of him to cover up that he left....painted over him in family portraits and all sorts of crazy shit
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COME HOME SO WE CAN DISOWN YOU PROPERLY etc etc meanwhile rhys is just glad his own tend to ignore his entire existence...
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I will hit u up first chance I get ehe
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a++ choice in intro graphics, noiz should be quoting gina linetti at all times. welcome. ♥

and man, noiz as a warrant broker, warrants just got 10x harder to pick up.