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+unlimited swords

Hey, Overjoyed. This is Dan, former player of a twisting blonde midget demon coming back to you with an assassin who went really far just to get a tan. I'm excited to come back in for some socio-political, sci-fi madness! This time, I'm bringing in Company goods.

Anyone familiar with Fate/Stay Night knows that Archer is a snarky, manipulative jerk who enjoys little plots and plans for obscure, spoilery reasons. He used to want to be a hero and learned that his dream was twisted and impossible so he settled on, essentially, being a mercy who would try to fix things with the world's most twisted balance beam. In Overjoyed, he's not really any different! He likes cooking, ballistic weapons, balancing the scales, and having nanomachines in his bloodstream that could force him to do whatever his masters want! As far as Company Enforcers go, he's got a tight leash. He also used to be a local hero in his community in Leith as a fire-fighter but everyone there thinks he's dead...

I'm looking forward to plotting! You can hit me up with a PM or at [ profile] dannication if you'd like to establish some existing CR or potential new stuff! All sides are welcome. ♥

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