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Chapter 5 Warrant Post

Chapter 5 Warrant Posting

Welcome to the RAC, agents!

At this time agents/teams are authorized to have a max of two active (mod-supplied) warrants to their names. Once a warrant is claimed - be they plot specific and/or monthly - the RAC plot mod will reply with the warrant specifics. After the warrant is completed, we request the thread gets turned in as a reply to the warrant for credit here or on the most recent chapter warrant post before a third warrant write up will be issued. Previous chapter's Warrant Post is here. Please be sure to 'turn in' completed warrants, if you'd like to cancel a requested warrant that wasn't started, or let us know if they cannot be completed there.

Note that most warrants can be claimed by multiple teams unless otherwise noted.

Key points to remember about the warrant system:

Level 4 warrants require at least one Level 4 Killjoy in order to accept the warrant.

Deadly force is only authorized for levels 1 - 3 if the agent is acting in self-defense, or if the ranking level 4 agent authorizes it for their team.
Level 4 agents that authorize deadly force for non-defensive actions must report and submit proof of death to their warrant broker, and may be held responsible for their team member’s actions if the RAC deems that action to be against the nature of the warrant.

We have a fresh set of active warrants available, and all authorized warrant brokers have been updated.

The warrant boards currently include the following available warrants:

General Warrants


Item recovery (Within the Quad)
Item recovery (Within the J-Star System)


LOCK-Up transfer (From Wild Space to Intake)
Personnel transfer (Escort Company personnel to/from Company vessels)


Apprehension criminal located outside the Quad
Apprehension criminal located outside the Quad
Apprehension former Company personnel


Apprehension criminal located outside the Quad
Apprehension criminal located within the Quad
Apprehension former Company personnel

Plot Specific Warrants


Delivery of secured/confidential case to Resistance Leaders Westerley: Avaliable W9D4
Delivery of secured/confidential case to Hyperion liaison Leith: Available after W10D6 - W11D2
Delivery of secured/confidential case to Hyperion liaison Utopia: Available after W10D6 - W11D2


Observe Level 2 or 3 agents and assess for adherence to RAC regulation and rules of engagement.
Deliver secure correspondence or packages between Land Hyponia and other members of the Nine, persons and locations TBD.


Observe Level 4 agents and teams and assess for adherence to RAC regulations and rules of engagement.
Provide personal or perimeter security for elite Leithian families.


Access or infiltrate the Resistance on Westerley and asses points of contact Land Hyponia can use to assist their efforts. (Can be assigned to multiple teams).
Catch & Deliver PC’s to Hyperion cells a confidential client (Characters TBD after sign-ups close): Available W1-D3 – D4

Request Template

Character(s): Who will be participating in this warrant?
Killjoy Levels: What are the levels of the agents participating?
Warrant broker: Will you be using a warrant broker ICly? If so, which? (Current PC brokers are: Anabeth and Magnus Chase & Noiz)
What game date will they receive the warrant:
Prompt Request: Which warrant do you want to claim?