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Chapter 5 Calendar

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Event Scheduling/Timeline

week ix
 Day 2Chapter Begins!

Metaplot: Glitched Coding Begins!
 Day 3Nine: Land Hyponia encrypted net post.

Westerley: Presence of Company enforcers begins to lessen.
 Day 4Resistance: Hyperion teams receive their new missions and supply deliveries.

Leith: Food banks begin to report increased numbers of citizens served while food stores themselves fall.
 Day 5Company: Begins transferring personnel and supplies to facilities on Leith.

Westerley: Rations provided by Company officials or subsidiaries are cut off due, ostensibly, to lack of supplies.
 Day 7Scarback: Travel permits are restricted to Leith, requires Company authorization to leave present whereabouts.

Leith: Civil unrest over food shortages begins to escalate into outright violence.

week x
 Day 1Company: Begins anti-resistance operations by employing Enforcers and Cerberus Unit to suspected resistance locations.
 Day 2Nine: Land Hyponia will begin quietly reaching out to other sympathizers within the Nine and forging Resistance connections.

: Search & seizure of contraband and personnel of Scarback vessels begins.
 Day 3Resistance: Hyperion teams receive dossiers of potential resources to assist in their builds.

Leith: Murder and violent crime rates skyrocket well above the norm as the food situation grows more dire.
 Day 4Westerley: Westie travel permits and work visas are temporarily restricted; Leithian unrest cited as the reason to Westerley's populous.

week xi
 Day 1Company: Last day of non-Westie employee presence on Westerley.
 Day 2Resistance: Last day to deliver completed builds to Hyperion rendezvous points.

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