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+1 more ridiculous demigod brat

Hello there! This is a late intro, because I am a horrible person who sucks at intros! Yay! My name is Megan and you can find me at [ profile] mercurialfelines, and I'm new here bringing you Magnus Chase from the ever expanding Rick Riordan mythos.

Magnus is the star of his own trilogy, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, so as you might guess he's the son of a Norse god, and also cousin to Annabeth Chase. His dad is Frey, the god of summer and lord of elves and what not. He is a 16yo undead viking warrior who lives in an undead viking warrior hotel, and has a talking sword.

In Overjoyed, he's two years established (so he's 18 now), and is a RAC-retained medic, which means he is a good person to go to if you're a killjoy who's been stabbed or whatever. He operates mostly out of a ship he shares with his sister Annabeth, who is an info broker/warrant whatever, so they're your one stop shop for info and medical attention. Yay!

His app is here and because I'm late trash his plot comment is here! I just didn't want to be that one guy who didn't do an ooc post don't look at me, look away,

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