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State of the Game Announcement

Good evening, Joyers!

As many of you know, two out of three of the mods are RL married and recently I (Laure) underwent major surgery that took both Ari and I out of pocket for the most part. And while I had honestly expected to make a swift recovery and bounce right back into the swing of things online… that has not been the case.

It’s been nearly two months now and while some aspects of my recovery have gone well, I’m still struggling quite a bit with many others. It’s a slow-going process and one that is unavoidable. Because Ari has been so focused on helping with my recovery in addition to her thesis and prepping to test and apply to a Master’s program/re-joining the workforce, we have been forced to look at what we can realistically manage both in our daily lives and our hobbies – and, in the end, we’ve realized that we just do not have the time or capacity to mod the game in the way we designed it.

Because of this, we’ve decided to close Overjoyed.

However! This is NOT an immediate closing. We’ve spoken with Elise in-depth over the last few weeks, trying to determine the best course of action to take, to not deny closure to the amazing player-base we’ve had the pleasure of working and writing with.

Elise has agreed to remain as a ‘coordinating mod’ so that all current players can continue to complete their personal plotlines. She (with our help) will release a summary prompt montly, based upon what players report (as in the AC system), in order to keep the story moving. So! Our plan moving forward is this:

~We will close all applications.
~There will be no new Test Drive Memes.
~AC/regain purchases are no longer required. These items now only require a check-in with the mod (Elise).
~Players will have the next several months to complete their own personal story lines.
~Any major setting impacting plans will still need to be brought to Elise so she can coordinate player plots.

…We know this may seem abrupt, and we do sincerely apologize for that. We had considered alternatives to closing, but in truth… Overjoyed was a gift to me, created almost entirely by my wife, so that we’d have a place to RP with others in a setting we were both interested in… and I’ll admit a degree of selfishness in that I don’t want to hand her creation over to anyone else. You’ve all been amazing as players and we’ve greatly appreciated the time we’ve had together, but in the end, we must take our (or more specifically my) health into consideration and focus for a time on just getting well. Hopefully, once they can stabilize my health, we’ll be able to return to the fold in some shape or form, but until then, we thank you for your time, your effort, your inspiration, and (hopefully) your forgiveness and understanding.

Laure, Ari, & Elise

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