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Monthly Check-In

Hello Joyers!

For those of you staying with the game, all we ask is a monthly 'check-in' with a summary of your character's activities. Treat this like the summaries given in the past months, linking threads whenever possible. From these summaries a plot prompt will be composed and posted near the beginning of the month, as guidance for characters moving forward.

There will be a 'Questions' comment below, where you can ask about powers/NPCs/etc... as these things will no longer require an AC point purchase.
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[personal profile] tousei 2017-04-30 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello! Is it possible to regain Julius' cell conversion ability as discussed on the AC page previously?
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[personal profile] sunderings 2017-04-30 04:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Could Sion regain his remaining elemental spells programmable matter outputs? Specifically, lightning, fire, water, and rainbows iridescent destruction?
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With how things are in Leith, Alice in the past months has slowly set up a little organization, per se, and with that, she's ventured forth with focusing more on ground works. She is trying to be more mindful of how those struggling perceive her and she's just not social enough to host grand dinner parties. With that, later in the chapter, Alice had to hunker down to defend her home from people trying to break in. She asked for help from Sion, Julius, and Steinbeck for assistance before she, uh... murders some of them. So, right now, Alice is trying to keep on the down low and doing what she can to help feed those in need on a more ground level.
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[personal profile] tousei 2017-04-30 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Julius mostly went about doing his duties as per normal. He discovered further use of his hacking abilities by using it to put both Sion and Giovanni's rampaging nanomachines under control. Then later he visits Alice's place to talk to her, and he's still giving her some of his assets to build her orphanage as they've been discussing previously. When the Dogs are moved to Leith, he visits Giovanni to check up on him. At the end of the chapter he invites Steinbeck to his ship and they talk about their plant powers and what's going to happen next.
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After being transferred to Leith, Sion took to groundwork instead of paperwork, assisting with the collection of aid for Leithians before experiencing nanotech malfunctions. Though the intermittent malfunctions continued on, it did not deter Sion from continuing to pursue humanitarian efforts on the moon, nor from standing guard at Alice's estate in order to ward away bandits and looters. The end of the chapter sees Sion trying to gather what information he can regarding the Company's withdrawal from Westerley by displaying 'exemplary' good behavior.
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Steinbeck has been trying to get a handle on things, mostly with Hyperion, but also having to deal with shake-ups in society as well. Someone who he didn't trust before, Julius, revealed to him that he was nothing but a tool for the Qresh to use. Someone he loathed, Rhys, showed up near Hyperion's bunker on some strange mission regarding an AI. He got a checkup on his nano abilities from a strange eccentric man, Royce Bracket, and Steinbeck hasn't yet bothered to find out just where Royce's alliances lie. Steinbeck as been as loyal to Hyperion as much as he can, but already he is concerned that things may not be as black and white as they seem.
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so late to this, sorry!

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Ryner has been working hard on creating a barrier system that doesn't cause harm to those who infiltrate it. He also experienced nanotech malfunctions, and as such, was out of commission for awhile. He was also kidnapped by a Hyperion cell, and threatened with the harming of people he's close to (namely, his direct supervisor). Aside from this, he was flitting between random assignment locations and Leith, doing his best to gather enough information to do something to help.
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Oof sorry late as hell...

I was on hiatus for the month so I don’t have any threads to link but mostly Bucky just continued laying low and spent a lot of time chilling with his friends in the interim rather than going out of his way to make new pals like he normally would have. Did the mission Hyperion asked of him, but as with Steinbeck is also wary of the circumstances. Nothing huge to add to overall plot, but that’s about it.
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Okay...I'm really late, but!! Giovanni spent the beginning of the chapter worrying over the strange activity on Westerley, noticing that something was happening at the kennel, and ofc seeing as he's not considered an actual person no-one bothered to tell the Dogs anything. he tried to get info from Handsome Jack, Badou, and Sion, and discovered the Dogs were being moved to Leith and that the Company were pulling out of Westerley.

Once the move to Leith went ahead, the Cerberus Unit were charged with hunting down rebel forces, which Giovanni did...only to experience malfunction after malfunction with his nanotech. First, he was hunting the resisstance with Julius only for his tech to stop working and his wounds to refuse to heal, and Julius needed to override his system and kickstart it again. Then, it went into overdrive when he was assigned to Hijikata, which led to Hijikata using Dog Bite on him to get him back under control. Dog Bite did its stuff...but resulted in further malfunctions where Gio's immune nano-enhanced immune system was knocked out and he was left sick and weak. He winds up hospitalised in the recovery unit of the new Kennel, where he's visited by Julius and Sion.

He also took part in a rescue mission when Rhys was captured, killing a bunch of hyperion lackies in the process.