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time to space scottish the shit out of everyone, etc.

hi overjoyed!! i'm jay, i was here at the start as some webtoon nerd named koon, then school/life happened and now i'm here as leopold fitz (just call him fitz) from agents of shield!! a show about normal people going about normal things while working for S.H.I.E.L.D in the marvel universe, which is to say not normal at all.

fitz in canon is an engineer/socially awkward nerd with a big heart, and in game he's... also an engineer/socially awkward nerd with a big heart. nothing has changed. also like canon he'll be working as a team lead in the company's tech R&D divison!! though unlike canon he's also gonna be running around as a private tech consultant, whether that's fixing people's phones or making weapons for them. the company doesn't really know about the latter bit, and because of Reasons he doesn't feel like telling them. he's been around for 3-ish years now, which means i'm super duper open to pre-game cr!! his app can be found here, though that does contain some spoilers for agents of shield.

with that said — i can found at [ profile] charred, and despite what it says on the tin feel free to add me! alternatively i can also be reached through jay#1827 on discord. i'm super excited to be here ( again ) and i look forward to threading with everyone!!
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Hello Joyers!

This is your third mod, Elise ([ profile] fromgilbo), writing to give the skinny on how the end of this chapter will transition into the next one, given the medical situation of the other two mods. As of right now, we don't know how long Laure will be in recovery, nor the amount of care Ari will need to give post-surgery. As many have already seen, our turnaround times have slowed well below what we would like.

While we can assure you that this is a temporary dilemma, we must ask you to weather it a little longer as we wrap up our end-of-month administrative processes and begin to enter the next chapter. Duties have been shifted, and schedules made, to ensure that we're still able to open applications, process them, and communicate with you all in the most timely fashion possible. The only change to our schedule that we anticipate at the moment is that the chapter preview, typically released when applications open, will be delayed until Sunday or Monday.


Feb. 27th, 2017 11:54 am
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I got busy like all month. I was going to do AC and all but I didn't even really have anything and feel for someone like Fitzgerald that he should be doing a lot more.

Gonna drop now and hopefully come back when I am able to focus more time. So sorry everyone that agreed to plot with me. I dropped the ball here and thanks for having me for this short time!
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Hello Joyers! It's time for AC again.

We have a new feature being added to AC this round in the form of a small report section in which we ask that you summarize and explain what your character has been doing (or will be doing!) in the current chapter. We will use this in order to shape the game plot via IC actions in the upcoming chapter. This is optional, but we're unlikely to incorporate an element that isn't directly reported to us. To add some incentive, we'll be providing 10 bonus points for filling out the summary and including relevant links in the report.

The full details of the AC system can be reviewed here but to save you some clicking time, here's the skinny:

Time Line

You will have until 11:59 PM (CST), March 2nd, to submit your AC. AC periods run during the last three days of the current month and the first two days of the next month, with strikes and sweeps completed on the third prior to apps opening. If you know you won't be able to submit AC ahead of time, you can have a friend submit it on your behalf, or contact the mods privately (here) to work out other arrangements. Failure to report AC without previous arrangements will result in an automatic strike.


✗ New characters need to accrue 10 points to pass AC their first month.
✗ Established characters need to accrue 20 points.
✗ All points after accrual are converted into bonus points, or in game lingo, HP to spend on regains, pets, and etc!


✗ At least half of the threads turned in for AC should be threads started for the month in question (for instance, during February).
✗ The other half can be threads started at any time (i.e., backtags).
✗ Top levels created with sub-levels (ex. Phase I, II, & III) count as one top level
✗ Bonus points can be gained from threads started at any time.
✗ Inbox and TDM threads can be turned in for bonus points only.

Point Breakdown

✗ Network/Log Post or Top Level (5 Points)
✗ Network /Inbox Tag (1 Point)
✗ Log Tag/TDM (2 Points)


As of now, we're going to do a monthly post to make it easier for your mods to track. If you have more than one character, please post their AC info in separate comments. Please use the following template/format exactly--it helps the mods catch any discrepancies and make sure you don't miss out on any points you may be owed!

An example can be found here.

Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Bonus Points:
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Chapter Summary: Please tell us what your character has been doing this current chapter and what you plan to have them do before the end of it! In particular, we'd like to know how they're interacting with their faction. This section is for bonus HP and to help the mods incorporate IC actions into the chapter. Please include relevant links in this section, it's okay if they're not completed yet! As a reminder, this is worth +10 points!


Joe was contacted by Hyperion (link) and attended the Peace Summit (link) where he argued for x, y, and z. He also picked up a warrant issued on behalf of Schmoe to transport unknown cargo to x destination (link).

Total: AC points = | Total HP gained = (Sum + Summary Bonus (10) - AC points)


drop :c

Feb. 17th, 2017 01:10 am
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Hey guys, I'm so sorry to do this so soon, but I'm going to have to drop Rey. (For now, at least!) I apped in literally a day after a surgery, expecting a really quick recovery, but it's been a lot rougher than I thought it would be. This game has such a cool premise and if I'm going to be in it, I want to be involved! And right now, I can't do that. I might app back later when I can, though!

You can still catch me at [ profile] regnant, and although plurk amnesty is in full effect, I really don't mind keeping any of you on. If you were interested in threading with Rey in this setting, I'm totally up for PSLing, just let me know! Otherwise, thanks for the small amount of threads I managed to have. ♥ Stay frosty.
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Now that the Hyperion missions and teams are starting to come together, we wanted to provide you with more details about the Peace Summit on Westerley.

Peace Summit

Anyone without a criminal record can be a delegate, diplomat, or representative, depending on their level of technical skill. Players may decide what "rank" their character would fall into for this.
Where & What
Held at the Spring Hill Compound, located just outside of Old Town, the convocation for peace offers only the most basic amenities. Water and tasteless chips have been set out for the delegates. Lunch and dinner are served at noon and six-thirty, sandwiches and other common fair provided to all guests. As a saving grace, there is a full bar available, though it is only open during the evening hours, after all formal negotiations have ended.

The facility is host to an array of plant life, the many garden walks within the compound actually pleasant to traverse. Hedges, rather than walls, separate conversations - making secrecy all the more difficult. A main room, carpet matting but recently cleaned, hosts a round table for more formal discussions - each delegate will have a seat assigned to them with a paper name placard. Artificial lighting is embedded into the high ceilings everywhere but the garden walks, where the biodome shines refined outside light into the courtyards.

A joint effort between Westerley officials and Leithian delegates, the summit's purpose is to find a potential replacement for the Accords and avert the threat of civil war. While many of the attendees will be of political importance, just as many of them will be citizens chosen for their outstanding services to the community and willingness to join.

In other words, much of the Good Will Corps will be granted diplomatic visas for the duration of the stay and will be invited to partake in the Summit and offer their insight.

During the event, delegates will discuss the allocation of resources (donated and available) between the two moons, offering suggestions--and perhaps criticisms--on the infrastructure of one another, and most chiefly, aiming to reach an agreement on the land reassignment on Leith.

Hyperion's team will be aiming for a stalemate between all parties. Whether your participating characters will let that happen easily, if at all, is ultimately up to player plotting!

During the summit, all officially recognized delegates will be put up in Company provided quarters but all security for the event will be handled by a neutral third party (Killjoys) or by privately hired guards.

Security will remain with their appointed charges throughout the duration of the event unless other arrangements are made.

If a delegate does not, for whatever reason, wish to stay in Company provided accommodations, they've been provided with a small stipend to find their own location. However, all individuals who decline to stay within Company walls will be putting themselves at an increased risk of attacks by the local population. (Or so the Company says.)

RAC Evaluations

In an effort to not flood our evaluating killjoys with too many threads, we've assigned each killjoy one instructor to carry out both evaluations. If players would like to have two different evaluators, they are welcome to plot among themselves to that end.

As a reminder, the evaluation period is between W6D1-W6D5. The evaluator must conduct the following assessments: combat proficiency and tactical planning, each with a mental fortitude component. The character being evaluated should "take lead" on a warrant which is on the level they're applying for (so a current level 2 will take lead on a level 3 warrant, et cetera.) Players are welcome to make up their own warrants for this, but you are also free to use the monthly warrant page to request a warrant provided you do not have two currently active mod-issued warrants.

Evaluatee Name Killjoy Rank Evaluation Rank Evaluator
Lavi "Bookman Jr." 3 4 Jason Todd
Saber 2 3 "Bucky" Barnes
Damian Wayne 2 3 Hanna King
Giorno Giovanna 1 2 Qrow Branwen
Marian Hawke 3 4 Peter Burke
Midori Nagamasa 3 4 "Bucky" Barnes
Neal Caffrey 3 4 Kanda Yu
Keith 1 2 Kanda Yu

Please feel free to use this post to plot out any peace summit, bodyguard/security, and evaluation warrant things!
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HOWDY! Name’s Curt, and I’ve just added that Winter Soldier dude from the Marvel movies into your midst. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is best known as the childhood friend of some loser named Steve Rogers and got his brain rewired by Marvel’s Evil Illuminati (a.k.a. Hydra) to be an ultimate assassin weapon bad guy. He eventually got out of that shit thanks to the aforementioned loser, and I’m taking him from the tail end of Captain America: Civil War, so he's back to being his Super Serious normal self.

For canon familiar, he’s still got the arm. For canon unfamiliar, he has a metal arm. And that earlier thing about him being super serious is bull.

In terms of the game universe, he was formerly an Enforcer for the Company, but eventually found his way into the RAC. He’s currently a level 4 killjoy. He does ghost work for the Resistance and resides on Westerley. Based in his AU history, he never received the nickname Bucky in his childhood and goes by James instead. If you curious about other details, feel free to take a peek at what's written in my app.

In the meantime, I’ve tossed up a top level on the CR meme, so use that for all your basic plotting needs! And feel free to hit me up on Plurk ([ profile] crashfade) for anything else. I look forward to playing with you all!! LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!
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Hi all! I'm Rie, bringing in your requisite green cyborg ninja dude from Overwatch. Basically all you need to know about him....

(And the doctors said let it be so.)

Genji is the second son of a Yakuza family who didn't care much for the whole Yakuza thing. Big mistake, as that all ended with his very grumpy brother killing him. (Said grump is also known as Hanzo. As he recently revealed some sweet piercings in canon, you all should do the lord's work and ask him if he got his nips pierced, too). Genji was brought back to life by some unholy combination of medicine and engineering, leading to his current state.

Hereabouts, he was born on Qresh, was equally uninterested in his family's arms dealing business - which catered to both the elite and to the Resistance, as he later found out. He ended up assumed dead in a Resistance explosion, was patched up with Resistance hack-mods, and has been - you guessed it! - with the Resistance ever since. He also manages a seedy bar/Resistance hangout in Old Town called The Sparrow's Nest and enjoys having people call him "Sparrow". It's his super secret spy name.

Because hack-mods are so rare in this world, he'll be hiding most of his cybernetics under clothing. For the same reason, most of the time he won't be wearing his visor. Let's just say he's gotten pretty good with foundation to hide the scars and the cybernetic jaw etc etc etc. Appearance ref is here for anyone interested.

Feel free to hit me up on plurk ([ profile] fleeting), though I'm kind of shit at using it. PM works just as well. Looking forward to playing with all of you!!
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hey everybody!

i'm jenn and i've bought along this albino zombie from dogs: bullets and carnage. in game, he's a once-upon a guinea pig, self-employed free agent (please hire him) with a knack for weapons, violence and cat-like (dog-like?) reflexes/healing abilities/senses/etc. It's canon-linear but watered down for the sake of not breaking the game. speaking of, he's five years in game so he should be fairly established with his quasi-partner, badou.

i'm over at [ profile] gilboat and if you guys wanna reach out for any reason (CR, plotting, questions, the weather), that'd be the quickest way. PMing is cool too, if you live in the dark ages.
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Or, in which my character is me. I love sleep but so rarely actually do it at normal human times befitting an adult's schedule. Whoops.

Um, hi. I'm Heather, brand new to the game although I've been meaning to app in for awhile to annoy Ari and Laure. I'm bringing in this dork, Ryner Lute from Legend of Legendary Heroes, or that light novel series about wishing for happiness for everyone, overthrowing corrupt governments, and the awakening of ANCIENT ENTITIES INSIDE. Also magic. Lots of that.

Ryner's got five years in game and is a Company Enforcer, against his better judgement. He has pretty much all the biometric mods ever and can therefore do Lots of Things with technology and the like. But for the most part he retains his canon lack of motivation and only really does anything because his current boss, Sion Astal, won't let him stay in bed forever. A shame, that. He's really good at it.

But yes please feel free to contact me! I can be found on plurk ([ profile] mutedtempest), and that username is the same all across the interwebs so feel free to hit me up on any site you find me on. I'm in the CST timezone (GMT -6) but I'm usually pretty nocturnal and am online at weird times usually. I'm incredibly open to any sort of plot ideas and am nowhere near picky, so if you ever think you might want Ryner for something, please don't hesitate!
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Why yes hello. B))) I see you needed to meet your smol deadpan kings quota so here I am.

In other words, SUP my name is Clamor, and I'm bringing with me Saber from Fate/Zero, otherwise known as 'a bunch of dumb nerds make historical figures fight each other for a dumb sippy cup that doesn't work anyway so it's a big waste of time: the anime'. Saber's a tiny blonde with about as much emotional range as a teaspoon and is also coincidentally a Sword Swinging Maniac of the Nth Degree™. Her forte is getting in everyone's face and monologuing about ~HONOR~ and ~VALOR~ and dumb stuff like that. Priorities.

She's very bad at making friends. Why can't people bond over just beating each other up anymore, it was so much easier...

Saber's been stuck in Overjoyed-verse for going on 5 years now - 3 as an Enforcer (which went so well, you guys, it's not like she got fired or anything) and 2 with the RAC. Unfortunately as a Level 2, that means she needs a babysitter, but whatever. Who cares? She definitely doesn't!!!

I can be reached either at my plurk ([ profile] macabreclamor ), through PMs, or on Discord. If some loser is clogging up the OJ chat with dumb dog gifs, 99.9% of the time it's probably me. :V

Let's plot things and have a rad time, friends!

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Hello, overjoyed! I'm Caten, your newly arrived viking (from norway, time zones are terrible), bringing with me Neal Caffrey from the now ancient show of White Collar. It ended like two years ago, clearly it's from the stone age or something.

Anyway. The show is essentually catch me if you can, except after the movie ended. Neal, the (mostly) reformed(ish) criminal, works together with his FBI handler, the man who caught him (twice), and they solve crime! While discussing morality with the maturity levels of actual six year olds.

If you're looking for reasons for your character to know Neal, you may pick from the following list:
1. your character owns artwork worth like millions and neal stole some of it
2. your character's drinking buddy owns artwork worth millions and neal forged and stole some of it
3. your character helped neal steal and/or forge artwork worth millions
4. your character tried to arrest neal for the theft of artwork worth millions
5. your character is a killjoy wondering why the hell this criminal is now also a killjoy what are even the standards anymore
6. idk neal is a friendly guy maybe they had drinks??

If your character knew Neal during his past as even less law-abiding, it's not unlikely they knew him under an alias, for potential awkwardness, if you're into that kind of thing. He has like a million of them. He still invents new ones, because tbh at this point it may as well be a hobby.

Anyway. Let's plot!!

ps u can find me at [ profile] vikinged or on discord at caten#5467 because i totally didn't forget to add my contact info here
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hello everyone! i'm jamie and i'm new to the game, and super excited to be here!! i'll be playing Rin Okumura from none other than Blue Exorcist which is a story about the son of satan and his journey to find friends and kill his dad. Rin will be a former-human-experiment turned into Scarback adoptee - he was taken in by the monks at a young age and raised, for the most part, in the monastery on Leith.

because of his genetic modifications he's super strong and heals well, and instead of his supernatural pyrokinesis abilities that would have come with being demonic, he carries around a technologically advanced sword that coats itself in flames. neat! be his friend; he may not be the brightest but he's definitely the kindest. be his friend and you too can end up on this very official coolness ranking

anyways, if you ever want to talk/contact me/plot established CR you can PM this acc or find me at [ profile] ishimarus! i'm really looking forward to playing with you all ; v ;
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hello, oj! this is monica, leo elster's player with a new character: qrow branwen from rwby!

qrow is literally a l w a y s drunk and likes to annoy people, and also he's a very salty guy. in rwby, he's a renowned huntsman, but in the setting of the game, he'll be a renowned killjoy who's been working for the rac for many years now. at the same time, he's also a combat instructor for the rac, teaching and training people how to fight, or if they already know how to fight, how to not die. he's a great fighter ok ok.

in the setting of the game, he's a level 4 killjoy who can't seem to get promoted to level 5 because he's always drunk and always starting fights, so if your character is a killjoy, he's probably badmouthed them and/or gotten into a fight with them. he's also just gotten back from an almost year-long warrant job, so some characters may just know him now or have never heard of him.

still, he's good at his work even though he's very annoying. feel free to have your character know him or know of him! as a note, anybody who is near him will suddenly have bad luck. whether it's drawing an awful hand in poker or a black cat will suddenly pass them.

feel free to contact me thru [ profile] staves, or comment here! let's plot c:
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that's it, that's hanzo

but ah, hello Overjoyed! I'm Freshy, brand new to the game and bringing in Hanzo Shimada from Overwatch, or, more accurately, the dictionary definition of "boy you fucked up". in canon, he's a bougie yakuza who killed his brother, and for the purposes of this game, he's... a bougie arms manufacturer who might as well have killed his brother. it's a long story.

the sparknotes version of his history is that he's a Qreshi noble whose family has dealt with arms manufacturing for both sides of the coin (the Company and the Rebellion, how shady is that), so if you want some Shimada-made goodies, get your beautiful self on over here. he's also an Enforcer who hates himself every day for being alive, so if you want some bitter discussions during coffee break, Hanzo's your man.

(please be friends with his brother Genji instead, Genji is a good bean)

you can find me over on plurk at [ profile] deuil, though I don't use it too often! feel free to ping me anytime, though— I'm super excited to be here, and I hope to get to tag all you beautiful people. ♥
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Hi everyone!! My name's Lili and I'm new to this game! I'll be playing Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail, a manga about the three F's: Friendship, Family, and Fanservice. Juvia will be a Company Enforcer, having three years under her belt, with previous ties to some unsavory folk in Old Town.

She'll be the water mage turned tech-friendly, with her clothes having the ability to turn into water. And despite her scary reputation, Juvia is actually a socially awkward bean who means her friend ok.

If you want to add me on plurk, you can head over to [ profile] enoshima and I'll be there either plurking about really dumb stuff or lurking (this one most of the time). Or if you want my discord, it'll be Lili#2453.. I can't wait to play with you all! ;0;
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Hi, Overjoyed...ians! I'm Lynn, this is Peter Burke from White Collar; if you are unfamiliar I a] apologize for being old and b] can summarize in two convenient TFLNs.

Really, that's 90% of the show. The rest of it is the ~unlikely duo~ of FBI agent and criminal solving crimes together! And really intense bromance! For purposes of this here game Peter is a RAC agent, where presumably he has a reputation for being both very good at his job and more desperately in need of fun than any man who has ever lived.

except not really, because his Killjoy partner tries to inject his life with way too much of it. if they have one more brush with death he's going to get Neal a literal, actual Time Out chair.

ASIDE FROM THAT, he's a generally amicable dude with occasional bouts of unintentional innuendo and terrible puns; if you would like to be beer buddies (especially other RAC agents to talk shop with him pls, talking shop is great), reluctantly dadded at, or just really want to punch an Authority Figure in the face, Peter is your dude.

(punching him is not actually advised. ....or is it)

You can reach me at [ profile] silverycitibanklights. I plurk mostly about cats, because there is at least one lying on me at any given point in time.
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Hello. I'm Alison, and this is... not Jackass, exactly, but there are definitely some similar aspects going on here. I am brand new and bringing in Vaughn from (Tales from the) Borderlands! He is a tiny, adorable nerd who's a little chatty and excitable. He's also a newly-awakened adrenaline junkie, having spent his (boring) adult life as a (boring) accountant until he and his (idiot) best friend decided to steal ten million dollars from their employer, at which point Shenanigans ensue and it's all pretty ridiculous, really. Also he's inexplicably shredded. He's just kind of a weirdo in general.

For the purposes of this game, he spent most of his life as a coin-operated friendship dispenser for Rhys, who is his aforementioned idiot best friend (read: he was literally paid to hang out with him), but now he works for the Company as—wait for it—an accountant, because I'm not creative. Of course, he'll inevitably end up ~wanting more~ and getting himself in trouble, but the specifics of that remain to be seen. If we're mirroring canon, it will be similarly ridiculous.

Anyway, feel free to add me at [ profile] clickboom or on Discord (alison#4118)! I'm totally ready, let's do this.
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My name is Flurry, and I am brand new to this newfangled AU game thing. So of course I have to bring the most obscure character in the universe, right?

This is Royce, and in his canon, Riyria Revelations, he's a half-elf thief that is one half of a thieving duo called Riyria. He's the grouchy, tsun one, and he can be hard to get along with, but I promise under all that grouch and Issues is a decent, loyal dude. In overjoyed, he's a thief for a bunch of corrupt noble people - he goes by Duster, and he's your guy if you need something illegal done efficiently. He also survived a ten year yttrium mining sentence, which he likes to keep to himself, but you know. These things have a tendency to spread real fast as rumors.

(also he likes knives like a lot)

I'd love to hit up everybody for established CR and develop more of what's going on with him AU wise if you'd like! Contact me here, through a PM on this account, or just add me on plurk at [ profile] tahdis if you want to get in depth! I'm in the past (all the way back in PST) so I'll likely be up whenever.

I'M SUPER HYPE ABOUT THIS GAME GUYS looking forward to sinking my teeth in c:
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Yo! I'm Liz, I'm fresh and phunky and I'm bringing this train wreck with me! His name's Badou Nails and he's from DOGS: Bullets and Carnage, a badass little manga about a boy and his experimented kids. Badou's thankfully just an info broker and not the dog or the boy, but boy oh boy he steps in dog turds anyway. He's coming from a pretty similar bg as his canon bg, so all that sass and screaming is in tact and ready to go. You'll most likely find him running from warrants, getting in the middle of warrants or turf fights between gangs, doing really goddamn dumb jobs as he's a jack of all trades when the going gets tough-- he finds himself more often than not reluctantly doing jobs for the resistance due to his two sponsors (from opposite ends of the tracks ha...hah...).

Don't let that fool you, his colors don't bleed resistance colors.

Anyway LETS DO SOME STUFF THIS BEAT IS SICK lets have fun! beat the stuffing out of this kid. You can find me at [ profile] gingerfarts for more soft grunge ginger yodeling.
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Heeeey there, everyone!!! I'm Squee and I'm new here and bringing Marian Hawke from Dragon Age! I've been wanting to join for a while (blame Christy) but hadn't yet settled on a character. Finally did, obviously -- and here I am!

Hawke will be coming in from DAI, right after the quest Here Lies the Abyss where she survives and is heading off to Weisshaupt to ruminate on her life choices a bit. The biggest difference there between the Hawke of DA2 and the Hawke of DAI is that this Hawke is a bit more world weary and pessimistic, but still always ready to bite back with a quip or two. She, naturally, is not completely aware of this and instead thinks she's been living in Westerley for the past five years after fleeing a pseudo-Kirkwall and working as a RAC Agent.

Of course, it's more like "working" since she's not quite into the whole warrants thing and rather just do odd jobs for people around who might need someone to help them out. She's kind of a jack of all trades and if your character has hired her or might know of her, hit me up! She's a big loser but also friendly enough and would pull anyone into sharing a drink with her.

Anyway! Feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] claptrap and I'm looking forward to things. All things. A bunch of things!
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Hi! I'm Sam, and I've been intending to crash this party for a while. (Apparently what it takes to get me off my ass to write an app is Ari batting her eyelashes and promising horrible trauma.)

I'm bringing you Hanbei Takenaka from Samurai Warriors (although Hanbei's a nickname he hasn't received in his AU, so he'll be going by Shigeharu). Canonically, he's the genius strategist who worked himself into an early grave laying the groundwork for his lord Hideyoshi to become the biggest baddest dude in Japan and achieve total conquest. Here, he puts that to use acting as an advisor to the Nine, or at least to the ones who are willing to put up with the fact that he's eccentric as all get out and spends a lot of time coughing up blood.

So basically, think of him as kind of like Karl Rove, if Karl Rove was a cute chronically ill cat lady who routinely holds policy meetings in his pajamas.

I can be found on plurk at [ profile] estamir (and am always happy to add back), or discord as almagest#7659. Let's make beautiful horrible music together.
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Hello, everyone.

I'm Ruri. I'm bringing in Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald of Bungou Stray Dogs. He's Steinbeck's dick of a boss.

He's kind of like a more asshole-version of Gatsby. ... like he views the people that work with him as his property, but he does legitimately care about them and wants to protect them. Just he doesn't care about their overall happiness about it. (nervous laugh) He somehow got a contract with literal Cthulhu (no idea). Most of the time, he's just wondering why poor people can't stop being poor, wondering really how much a single banana costs, and also not caring if he has to destroy an entire city to get what he wants. He's a rich bitch with the power to make it rain ... and that gives him superpowers (no ... really).

In the AU, he's a Leithian that built up his own criminal business and tries to have his hands in everything. He does have a legitimate business face -- owns a few hotels, a few transport ships, etc. But generally, he's as underhanded as it comes. Unlike Steinbeck, though, he kind of is always a dick. 24/7. He doesn't hide it and doesn't get why anyone would be offended by what he does. (Will enough joy make you stop complaining? Good. Here's some joy.) Yup. Yeah, he has some sad stuff ... his daughter is presently in statis in his own mansion due to an incurable illness that he seeks the cure for; his wife has had a nervous breakdown and now horribly unbalanced.

He loves his family very much and is going to find the cure for his daughter, even if he has to destroy the entire Quad to find it. :) Please and thank you for helping him! Because what sacrifice is too great for family? Answer, none!

This got a little long. But yes! I'm totally 100% good with established CR and so hit me up here, PM, or contact me on discord (marvelouscheer#4580)!
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hello!! my name is Elle and I'm bringing you Rey from Star Wars! her AU history is relatively similar to that of her canon counterpart; she's a little Westie street urchin just scraping by. ideally I'd like to get her into the Killjoy game eventually, but for now, that's about all she has going for her!

this is my first time joining a new game in over a year as well as my first time playing Rey and my first time in an AU game so... be gentle, I'm scared. if we had a thread on the TDM that you want to continue, please let me know! I've had some medical stuff going on (nothing serious!) for the past few days and I haven't been able to tag much back yet, but I'm totally willing to!

it's late and I'm tired so hopefully this isn't total nonsense. anyway, I'm excited to be here and you can feel free to add me on plurk at [ profile] regnant! edit: OH YEAH AND DISCORD, i'm elle#2496!
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Hello Joyers!!

I come bearing a strange request! Because Giovanni here has heightened doggy senses and I often do stuff in tags regarding recognition based on a character's scent etc, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask you all what your characters...smell like...ahah.

Also, because he'd be able to pick up on basic things like fear, or whether a character had something strange in their bloodstream/metalic parts/augmentations etc etc, could you let me know how okay you are with this, what he would and would not be able to pick up on, or whether you'd rather I gloss over it for your character/whether there's a specific thing you'd rather he didn't notice for plot reasons!

Just let me know in the comment section of this rather sparse PERMISSIONS PAGE!