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Monthly Check-In

Hello Joyers!

For those of you staying with the game, all we ask is a monthly 'check-in' with a summary of your character's activities. Treat this like the summaries given in the past months, linking threads whenever possible. From these summaries a plot prompt will be composed and posted near the beginning of the month, as guidance for characters moving forward.

There will be a 'Questions' comment below, where you can ask about powers/NPCs/etc... as these things will no longer require an AC point purchase.
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State of the Game Announcement

Good evening, Joyers!

As many of you know, two out of three of the mods are RL married and recently I (Laure) underwent major surgery that took both Ari and I out of pocket for the most part. And while I had honestly expected to make a swift recovery and bounce right back into the swing of things online… that has not been the case.

It’s been nearly two months now and while some aspects of my recovery have gone well, I’m still struggling quite a bit with many others. It’s a slow-going process and one that is unavoidable. Because Ari has been so focused on helping with my recovery in addition to her thesis and prepping to test and apply to a Master’s program/re-joining the workforce, we have been forced to look at what we can realistically manage both in our daily lives and our hobbies – and, in the end, we’ve realized that we just do not have the time or capacity to mod the game in the way we designed it.

Because of this, we’ve decided to close Overjoyed.

However! This is NOT an immediate closing. We’ve spoken with Elise in-depth over the last few weeks, trying to determine the best course of action to take, to not deny closure to the amazing player-base we’ve had the pleasure of working and writing with.

Elise has agreed to remain as a ‘coordinating mod’ so that all current players can continue to complete their personal plotlines. She (with our help) will release a summary prompt montly, based upon what players report (as in the AC system), in order to keep the story moving. So! Our plan moving forward is this:

~We will close all applications.
~There will be no new Test Drive Memes.
~AC/regain purchases are no longer required. These items now only require a check-in with the mod (Elise).
~Players will have the next several months to complete their own personal story lines.
~Any major setting impacting plans will still need to be brought to Elise so she can coordinate player plots.

…We know this may seem abrupt, and we do sincerely apologize for that. We had considered alternatives to closing, but in truth… Overjoyed was a gift to me, created almost entirely by my wife, so that we’d have a place to RP with others in a setting we were both interested in… and I’ll admit a degree of selfishness in that I don’t want to hand her creation over to anyone else. You’ve all been amazing as players and we’ve greatly appreciated the time we’ve had together, but in the end, we must take our (or more specifically my) health into consideration and focus for a time on just getting well. Hopefully, once they can stabilize my health, we’ll be able to return to the fold in some shape or form, but until then, we thank you for your time, your effort, your inspiration, and (hopefully) your forgiveness and understanding.

Laure, Ari, & Elise
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+1 more ridiculous demigod brat

Hello there! This is a late intro, because I am a horrible person who sucks at intros! Yay! My name is Megan and you can find me at [ profile] mercurialfelines, and I'm new here bringing you Magnus Chase from the ever expanding Rick Riordan mythos.

Magnus is the star of his own trilogy, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, so as you might guess he's the son of a Norse god, and also cousin to Annabeth Chase. His dad is Frey, the god of summer and lord of elves and what not. He is a 16yo undead viking warrior who lives in an undead viking warrior hotel, and has a talking sword.

In Overjoyed, he's two years established (so he's 18 now), and is a RAC-retained medic, which means he is a good person to go to if you're a killjoy who's been stabbed or whatever. He operates mostly out of a ship he shares with his sister Annabeth, who is an info broker/warrant whatever, so they're your one stop shop for info and medical attention. Yay!

His app is here and because I'm late trash his plot comment is here! I just didn't want to be that one guy who didn't do an ooc post don't look at me, look away,

+unlimited swords

Hey, Overjoyed. This is Dan, former player of a twisting blonde midget demon coming back to you with an assassin who went really far just to get a tan. I'm excited to come back in for some socio-political, sci-fi madness! This time, I'm bringing in Company goods.

Anyone familiar with Fate/Stay Night knows that Archer is a snarky, manipulative jerk who enjoys little plots and plans for obscure, spoilery reasons. He used to want to be a hero and learned that his dream was twisted and impossible so he settled on, essentially, being a mercy who would try to fix things with the world's most twisted balance beam. In Overjoyed, he's not really any different! He likes cooking, ballistic weapons, balancing the scales, and having nanomachines in his bloodstream that could force him to do whatever his masters want! As far as Company Enforcers go, he's got a tight leash. He also used to be a local hero in his community in Leith as a fire-fighter but everyone there thinks he's dead...

I'm looking forward to plotting! You can hit me up with a PM or at [ profile] dannication if you'd like to establish some existing CR or potential new stuff! All sides are welcome. ♥
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gently pirouettes in

hello, overjoyed!! my name is eli and i'm entirely new here, but i've been eyeing this game for ages and i'm super excited to finally get the chance to play here.

i'm bringing with me natalie goodman from next to normal. you can read her app here, but in summary, she's a teenager pianist with massive trust issues who wears cynicism like a glove due to a rocky upbringing. emotional hangups for days, et cetera. she will probably make fun of everyone at least once, but actually cares about people much more than she likes to let on. good luck ever getting her to admit that, of course!

here in overjoyed, she's a member of a merchant family! she's a student living on leith with her parents, a fact she's not too pleased about, and she has two years of established history there. as such, her au self is 19 rather than 17. there's more about her au in the app i linked if you're curious about it!

regardless, i'm super excited to play with all of you! if you'd like to develop any preexisting cr, i would be 200% down. you can catch me through a PM or on plurk at [ profile] becoming. i love any sort of plotting or chatting about anything, so feel free to add me there if you like. i look forward to the cr i'll get to build with you all!
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+1 Pseudo Rabbit

HELLO OVERJOYED, name's Gaacha and I am totally new here. I was enabled to this game by someone anon in the EnableMe meme this month and I have to say I'm super happy they did.

This game looks hellishly fun and I love the premise behind it--so I'm bringing in one super hacker slash videogamer from the series DRAMAtical Murder. (I know the game is infamous in its own ways but I just love Noiz as a character so I can't help myself.)
Noiz is, as said above, a super hacker and programmer who is mostly obsessed with playing a certain type of video game and selling information. He's hedonistic and unfriendly, obsessive and secretive--and most of all, he can't feel pain and throws himself into danger often.

He'll be coming into the game with 2 years of established history in the RAC as a warrant broker, but his AU history makes him ex-Qresh. By choice. Those guys really are a bunch of assholes and they treated him as a problem to be hidden from the world so he escaped to work with people who he felt he could make a decent living on in his own way.

If you'd like to talk to me about established CR or future threads, please do feel free to have a chat with me, you can add me on plurk  @ [ profile] vicinity !!

I look forward to meeting you all in-game!

casually baseslides in

Hello hello! My name is Ty and I'm 100% new here which is to say I'm also incredibly excited to be here!

I bring with me this dumb fish child, Percy Jackson, from the Riordan Mythos book universe (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, etc.) You can read more about him over at his application here but the lowdown is that canonically he's a Greek demigod (son of Poseidon specifically) who's kind of the savior of Olympus, a hero, the bff-turned-boyfriend of the brilliantly scary daughter of Athena, Annabeth Chase, and a protag that really, really would appreciate a break.

In Overjoyed he's fully AU'd with one year established making him 18 instead of his canon 17 and he acts as an attendant in a weaponry shop and also a freelance ship mechanic on Westerley. More about his AU history is found in the app linked above.

Anyway like I said I'm excited to be here and look forward to playing with everybody! You can reach me over on plurk at [ profile] alternatively if you'd like for any pre-established CR or plotting or etc. Thank you!
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+1 morticia addams

Hi, y'all!! Sup, it's Squee -- player of one Hawkeward Moment at [personal profile] kirkwalled. I'm here with my second character now, Will Graham from NBC's Hannibal.

Now Will, he sucks. Will's that story everyone wants to read -- he's a good guy detective who accidentally falls in love with the serial killer he's chasing. Except this is Hannibal, where the serial killer he's chasing is actually a cannibal and also Satan -- so it doesn't go well for Will! It goes... very poorly in fact and everyone he loves and cares about dies. You don't want to be Will! Even Will doesn't want to be Will!

But to anyone who's watched the show -- I've taken Will from post-S3 which means he and Hannibal have accepted being in crazy murder love with each other and run-away-slash-lover's-suicide'd together. This has been translated as them being married and terrible.

Will's been established for five years and his AU history is here but the run down is: ex-Westie Enforcer who focused on the more violent crimes in the Quad now lives on Leith with his husband who is minor Leithian nobility or whatever. This is a bit of a #scandal so any Leithians are free to judge Will and Hannibal for the taboo.

Now, he works at an Enforcer Academy on Leith as a Professor of Criminal Psychology -- so any Enforcers who have passed through the Academy in the past 2 or so years, have probably been taught by Will! The 3 years (and more) before, he worked all around the Quad to catch serial killers or mass murderers and has a nearly 100% success rate so any Enforcers can know him from that too. Basically, creepy antisocial guy obsessed with dogs and murder and is also probably psychic. What a weirdo!!

Most important! Will has an empathy disorder which gives him a bit of an infodmodding edge. He can basically feel what any other characters feel at any given time, no matter how they try to hide it. His permissions post is here if you'd rather opt out of that -- but heads up, it'll rarely come up! Mostly because Will is apathetic as all hell as a result. And also a dick.

That's it, I think! If you want to plot out any pre-established cr or something in the future coming up, hit me up at [ profile] claptrap! Same goes for Hawke too, if we haven't had anything yet. Thanks!
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just some obscure character nbd

Hello OJ! This is Christy, player of Handsome Jack, and I'm bringing you yet another tirefire of a character, but at least this one is more charming(?)—

...In a sense of the word. My second character is one you may have hard of! Just an obscure character by the name of Hannibal Lecter. For those of you familiar with the franchise, Hannibal comes from NBC's tv series version of Hannibal, and for those of you not, well. It's much more gay and pretentious than the original movies. In short. It's a wild ride.

Or more seriously to get to something that's actually quite important! If you're not familiar with Hannibal and what he does, Hannibal is a completely unrepentant serial killer and cannibal, and this is still true in the game. So, if you would like to opt out of playing with Hannibal or otherwise have limits you'd like to communicate to me, please please please use his handy dandy opt-out post! Cannibalism is disgusting, so if that squicks you, please let me know! Even if you opt-out of playing with him completely, I'll be much happier that you did rather than tag you and make you uncomfortable.

But. Cannibalism aside.

Hannibal is a kind, charitable, and charismatic doctor who lives on Leith with his husband, Will Graham. Hannibal is a socialite and makes his living as a doctor for the rich and well-to-do of the Quad, so if your character is Qreshi or higher society Leithian, it's very likely that they know who he is and may have met him! So I'm super open to pre-establishing CR about that! Like, I love pre-established CR, bring it to me... If you'd like more detail, his application is here, and if you'd like even more, there's a more complete history linked in the app, though it has a boatload of content warnings because Hannibal sucks.

Anyways! My taste in characters sucks! As usual, feel free to friend me on plurk at [ profile] yeezus if you haven't already, and otherwise, I'm super excited to bring you a high society gossip who is also a completely awful person...!
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slams in all my ooc paperwork like a madwoman

hello hello! i am 100% new here though i think i know a fair few of you? i'm lucy and you can find me at [ profile] lucylovespluto on plurk!! feel free to add me if you want.

i am bringing in this lady, annabeth chase, from the riordan mythos 'verse! you can find her application here in her journal, which i will pretty up at a later date. in canon she is the brilliant & terrifying bff-turned-girlfriend of percy jackson, daughter of athena (this means she is a demigod, and also hella smart and good with weapons, heck yeah) who inspires everyone who meets her to think "wow she's scary" and occasionally greets people with knives to the throat or whatever when stressed / sometimes argues with sphinxes that their riddles are not Hard enough and other such shenanigans.

in overjoyed she's the full au option with established for 2 years, making her 19! she is a warrant/info broker for the rac, and will be operating between rac headquarters, westerley, and a ship. assuming magnus chase gets in later he'll be her medic-brother who will be doing the same with her and they'll be a mini team so there is that! her history in super brief is that she was born on leith to a merchant/info broker family, eventually got slated to be a surrogate, went "nah" and ran off to join the rac, and has worked there ever since. she's still fairly intense and her fatal flaw is still hubris, alas.

if you have questions or want to work out cr or w/e let me know! thank you.
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March Activity Check

Hello Joyers! It's time for AC again.

As a reminder, this month is a half-AC month for all. Thus, established players need only 10 points to satisfy AC and new players need 5.

The full details of the AC system can be reviewed here but to save you some clicking time, here's the skinny:

Time Line

You will have until 11:59 PM (CST), April 2nd, to submit your AC. AC periods run during the last three days of the current month and the first two days of the next month, with strikes and sweeps completed on the third prior to apps opening. If you know you won't be able to submit AC ahead of time, you can have a friend submit it on your behalf, or contact the mods privately (here) to work out other arrangements. Failure to report AC without previous arrangements will result in an automatic strike.

(However, please note that beginning in next AC period, we will be transitioning into automatic sweeps in the event that players do not check in without prior arrangement.)


Special Gamewide Exemption for halved AC this month only, numbers have been changed to reflect this below.
✗ New characters need to accrue 5 points to pass AC their first month.
✗ Established characters need to accrue 10 points.
✗ All points after accrual are converted into bonus points, or in game lingo, HP to spend on regains, pets, and etc!


✗ At least half of the threads turned in for AC should be threads started for the month in question (for instance, during March).
✗ The other half can be threads started at any time (i.e., backtags).
✗ Top levels created with sub-levels (ex. Phase I, II, & III) count as one top level
✗ Bonus points can be gained from threads started at any time.
✗ Inbox and TDM threads can be turned in for bonus points only.

Point Breakdown

✗ Network/Log Post or Top Level (5 Points)
✗ Network /Inbox Tag (1 Point)
✗ Log Tag/TDM (2 Points)


As of now, we're going to do a monthly post to make it easier for your mods to track. If you have more than one character, please post their AC info in separate comments. Please use the following template/format exactly--it helps the mods catch any discrepancies and make sure you don't miss out on any points you may be owed!

An example can be found here.

Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Bonus Points:
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained
Link A (X Comments) = Points gained
Link B (X Comments) = Points gained

Chapter Summary: Please tell us what your character has been doing this current chapter and what you plan to have them do before the end of it! In particular, we'd like to know how they're interacting with their faction. This section is for bonus HP and to help the mods incorporate IC actions into the chapter. In order to receive the +10 bonus points, your summary must be at least 100 words and include 2 links. These links may be to any thread of the player's choosing, but we do prefer to see plot-relevant threads if possible. Some handwaving and threads not yet completed are totally okay!


Joe was contacted by Hyperion (link) and attended the Peace Summit (link) where he argued for x, y, and z. He also picked up a warrant issued on behalf of Schmoe to transport unknown cargo to x destination (link).

Total: AC points = | Total HP gained = (Sum + Summary Bonus (10) - AC points)


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State of the Game

Hello Joyers! We've been working behind the scenes to alter a few of our mechanics and expand others. Please see below for changes that are coming to the game!

Hiatus Rules
We have added some specifications to our Hiatus page, addressing a few limitations on when hiatuses may be taken and the relationship between hiatuses and strikes. For all hiatuses filed previous to this announcement, they will be grandfathered in and exempt from these rules.

AC Bank Expansion
We have added some new options to our AC bank! Now available, among other things, are custom safehouses, verse-specific technology, and covert means. If you see something on this list which your character currently possesses, do not worry! Resources will be grandfathered to any players who have already utilized them.

We have also elaborated on each option, in the hopes of helping players to navigate their options more easily.

AC Points
Beginning with April's activity check, we will be implementing a slightly different bonus point system. While previously we have granted five (5) bonus points for each thread starter, we will be adjusting this incentive to apply only to OTA prompts and starters between new CR. Additionally, we will be implementing a bonus cap - a maximum of fifteen (15) points may be gained this way per month.

Chapter Summaries
Beginning with March's activity check, we will be adding some specifications to the Chapter Summary option we began in February. While we feel like this system was an overall success, we hope that refining it will enable us to integrate character actions even more deeply into the overall plot.

Moving forward, the requirements to gain the ten (10) bonus points will be: a description of at least one hundred (100) words, and two (2) links embedded in the summary. These links may be to any thread of the player's choosing, but we do prefer to see plot-relevant threads if possible.

+1 mod to the team!
In an effort to mitigate the RL-induced slowness with mod duties and response -- and because this player has been continuously helpful -- we've added a new mod to the team! Everyone please welcome Christy, our Handsome Jack mun into the fray!

We've provided a comment below for questions/comments/concerns/feedback. Please feel free to hit us with your best shot. As always, we welcome PMs as well, if you would prefer a private discussion.
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A Quick Announcement!

Good evening Joyers!

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that March will require half AC for the month. After taking note of the game's over all activity and discussing our options, we’ve cut down the AC requirement to 10 points for established characters and 5 points for new characters for this month. You are, of course, welcome to turn in as much bonus AC as you like when it comes up!

(Additionally, we'd like to remind everyone that level 5 warrants are still up for grabs via the monthly warrant page and apologize to those who have been waiting for a warrant request! Notifs were either lost or not received so we'll get to filling those posthaste! We apologize for any inconvenience!)

Overjoyed Mods
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+1 diva

YO Dolly here lately bringing in a second character who is leaps and bounds less embarrassing than that one guy I play, please welcome:

Red from that game about USB sword boyfriends, Transistor! In canon she was a music and songwriter who unfortunately lost her voice when a bunch of jerks tried to take over the city and wound up Ruining Everything For EveryoneTM. So she goes on a journey to not exactly fix all that but...sort of. The moral of the story is don't have sex with computers basically???? Looking at u mr. bracket.

In OJ Red is from a system far beyond the J and arrived roughly a year ago after a bunch of Stuff went down back home including a political marriage she wasn't really interested in. Actually mostly consisting of that? Yes. She lives on Leith and works as a composer where she's earned some notoriety for her memorable and evocative scores. Her music makes you Feel A Lot! So if there's an emotional piece your character listened to in the last year it was probably one of hers!

One thing to note is that Red is mute thanks to canon reasons, so she communicates primarily through written messages or gestures a.k.a sign language what do you mean you don't all know it fluently??

Since I was too late to comment to the brainstorming meme I would love to work out some established CR for her!! Red's app is here and her permissions are here, and you can also hmu at [ profile] owlits !