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Good evening Joyers!

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that March will require half AC for the month. After taking note of the game's over all activity and discussing our options, we’ve cut down the AC requirement to 10 points for established characters and 5 points for new characters for this month. You are, of course, welcome to turn in as much bonus AC as you like when it comes up!

(Additionally, we'd like to remind everyone that level 5 warrants are still up for grabs via the monthly warrant page and apologize to those who have been waiting for a warrant request! Notifs were either lost or not received so we'll get to filling those posthaste! We apologize for any inconvenience!)

Overjoyed Mods
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Hello Joyers!

This is your third mod, Elise ([ profile] fromgilbo), writing to give the skinny on how the end of this chapter will transition into the next one, given the medical situation of the other two mods. As of right now, we don't know how long Laure will be in recovery, nor the amount of care Ari will need to give post-surgery. As many have already seen, our turnaround times have slowed well below what we would like.

While we can assure you that this is a temporary dilemma, we must ask you to weather it a little longer as we wrap up our end-of-month administrative processes and begin to enter the next chapter. Duties have been shifted, and schedules made, to ensure that we're still able to open applications, process them, and communicate with you all in the most timely fashion possible. The only change to our schedule that we anticipate at the moment is that the chapter preview, typically released when applications open, will be delayed until Sunday or Monday.
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Questions & Mod Contact
As a point of clarification, all questions should be directed to the FAQ, the relevant game plotting post, or a PM sent to the mod account. Going forward, we will direct all questions asked on plurk to these locations, as it will help us to ensure that everything gets a timely and thorough reply.

Game Cap
As a result of player feedback and mod discussion, we’ve decided to set the game cap at 60 Players; 2 slots each. Should we find that this cap is either easier or harder to maintain than anticipated, we will open the discussion again as needed.

Cast Cap
We will be setting cast caps at a total of six characters per casts.

Job/Faction Cap
While we recognize player concerns regarding instituting a way to ensure factions are balanced, we believe that at this time doing so would pose more limits than it would enable expanded involvement/CR. For now, we will monitor the issue, and if it seems to be a lasting or growing problem, we will open up a more focused discussion on what, if anything, should be done.

Second Slot: Price Adjustment
A second character slot has been added to the AC Bank and will cost 80 HP, or 2x the standard AC price for two months. All players who currently have both slots filled will be grandfathered in and will not be required to pay this price as their application occurred prior to the new rule.

Note: Like AC, the 80 points must be accrued through game play. I.e., you cannot use your 100 HP starting bonus towards it. Since we keep a log of all purchases, this will be on us to maintain, but assuming that you spent none of your points prior to purchasing the second slot, you would need a balance of 180 HP to be eligible for the second slot.

App Rounds
Because of our impending cap, we will be conducting app rounds differently in the future. After we hit capacity (or as we near it, if it should fall like that), app rounds will not be held unless there are at least four slots available. We will not be using a queue system and will announce when the round opens a week in advance.

While we will not be changing the dates of the app window (3rd - 10th), we will be delaying our chapter release dates by one so that the last app is accepted the night prior to information going live. Processing applications and releasing material for the new game month is proving nigh unsustainable for us to do in the same day. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(As such, we will no longer accept revisions past the app round window.)

Chapter 3 Release Date
Chapter 3 release date will be moved from the 10th to the 11th this month.. Since the current game month is plotted out to the 10th, this should not cause any gap in storyline as experienced between Chapter 1 and 2. This change will continue to apply to all chapters hereafter.

Network Changes
Beginning next chapter, we’ll be transitioning to a traditional DWRP network structure -- personal digital devices/comms will be handed out in storyline as “community outreach” and will all access the same network and main discussion forums. A formal write up on the technology will be added to the appropriate pages. You are welcome to handwave your character already having one or have them acquire it in storyline. Let the glitter-text broadcasting begin.
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Hello, Joyers!

As we approach our next reserve and app cycle, we find ourselves needing to discuss something we never thought would come up in the first place: a cap, be it player or character. How awesome is it that an AU-type game is even having this discussion? Thank you so much for taking this game further than we ever anticipated.

But with that being said, we're adamant about maintaining our level of quality and expedient responses to you and worry that we won't be able to do so if the game expands too much by way of players. We're also concerned about inclusivity and manageability, respectively.

Many of you were kind enough to lend us your thoughts on plurk, which can be viewed here (it's public, so anyone should be able to see it).

For reference, we're sitting around 37 players and 43 characters at present. Thus, we are considering the following options:

50 players with a total of 150 characters (3 character cap per player).
60 players with a total of 120 characters (2 character cap per player).
65 players with a total of 130 characters (2 character cap per player).

Your feedback and thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to post them here or on plurk, we will be managing and going over both as we decide which option is best suited for the game and the mods respectively. We have temporarily enabled non-member commenting here so prospective players are also encouraged to comment.

Additionally, our decision will be made prior to reserves opening (a little bit under a week here) so that no one feels blindsided by it or is caught off-guard by the changes.

Of course, if we should find that our work is less or more than anticipated, we can always change the cap again to reflect this--by no means is a decision set in stone, everything we do is experimental in nature.

Thank you for your time!
- Mods.
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Greetings, Joyers!

We hope you’re all well! We’ve been having so much fun plotting, writing, and chatting with you all. Since our soft and official opening, we’ve decided to implement some changes, and others we’d like to open up to community feedback on your feelings before rolling them out.

Note that most of these changes will not be implemented until the start of the second month, but because of the need to have materials prepared ahead of time, the discussion will close on December 27th, and a decision made soon thereafter.

Almost all of these changes are related to scheduling, our favorite thing! .. No? Just me? Okay.
Changes within! )
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Hello players! It appears that our plotting has slowed, and people have generally come to a consensus. Therefor, in order to kick things off promptly, we're implementing a poll to decide the fate of the heir. Please vote with you OOC preference.

Update: As of December 17th, the poll is now closed, the fate of the heir and subsequently success of the black warrant has been ruled in favor of success.

Additionally, please comment here with any plans regarding the black warrant. We're pretty sure that things will be going the way of this player plotting comment, but we want to make sure we didn't miss anything. If your angle has already been stated, feel free to just +1, and if you have no involvement, feel free to abstain from commenting.

Killjoys, remember to sign up here if you'd like to have your team entered into the RNG to successfully complete the warrant should our poll result in the heir living. If only one team signs up, they will be the one to secure the heir.