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Chapter 4 Preview

Chapter 4: Preview

Calendar Dates: March 11 - April 10

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The Nine
The Company

Since each faction will have an impact on each other, it's highly recommended that you stay privy to the movements of all factions--even those your character isn't involved with!

The Nine: Ballroom Politics

With the conclusion of Westerley's Peace Summit, the Nine consider now the time for a 'true' solution to be reached. Allowing those with moderate influence to spout their beliefs freely is a powerful opiate, and with the idealists appeased or distracted the shrewd members of the nobility seek each other's company to devise a way to ensure their control.

All with direct blood ties to a family of the Nine have been summoned to what is publically spoken of as a ‘personal party’, thrown by the Kendry family head. In actuality, this event is no more than an opulent political lobby for the ambitious to pursue their interests. Characters with backgrounds imbued with Qreshi blood will receive an invitation, while no others will be permitted, barring very limited exceptions. However, RAC members and Company officials may find themselves on security duty. The event takes place on a luxurious space cruiser - the newest model complete with fortified defences both physical and technological - circling in orbit of Qresh. Ships will be needed to guard its periphery, while on board guards will be posted to ensure the safety of each esteemed guest.

The company: training day

The Company has been closely monitoring not only the public, but its own employees, as tensions rise among the population. Those who responded to the uprisings with appropriate, often brutal force, will find themselves handed a promotion or advanced armaments to further enable their outstanding performances. The enforcers whose answer was leniency will receive correction twofold. They will be placed into partnerships with more efficient officers, under the guise of generating a stronger sense of cooperation and leadership. They will then be given dangerous, assuredly life threatening, assignments to ensure that their position is understood. Now, more than ever, it’s kill, or be killed.

Finally, any members of the Company's work force who have accrued an ‘incident’ in their file within the past three months will undergo mandatory ‘stress training’. Whether or not the occurrence is documented as their fault or not is irrelevant. The details of the exercise aren't widely circulated, but entail being launched into orbit aboard a malfunctioning ship and landing it according to given and variable parameters. While this training is mandatory for a portion of the Company’s workforce, those excused from the activity may opt in, potentially gaining some favor from their administrators as a result.

Westies: karma police

Chaos simmers on Westerley, organized efforts to help in the aftershock of a widespread virus and the collapse of the Accords mutating as they grow. Some continue to distribute good will, a steady stream of funding available but never significant. Others distort, gangs under the guise of the 'Resistance' capitalizing on the chaos to seize control. Street corners once passed over by everyone become contested turf, violence between the shoddily organized crime escalating.

The riots have been quelled, pockets of uproar still sprouting but much more quickly dispersed. The angry have been arrested and killed enough to drive them down different paths; some return to the stability of a regular work week while others take to lurking in the shadows. What grows in the place of demonstrations are sporadic targeting of shops known to serve Company enforcers with favor - or as equals - and fires ignited in Company spaces. As the Company continues to police sympathies towards the Resistance, some in the Resistance have begun to police sympathies towards their oppressors, warnings or beatings given to those who they perceive to be aligned with the wrong side.

Leithians: cHANGING wINDS

On Leith a storm brews, the winds of change chilling bones and rattling shutters, leaving no resident spared. Land reallocation continues, spurring frustrations within the more affluent circles of Leith. The upper class grumbles, “why give to relief efforts on Westerley,” as concerns about their own downsizing pervades. Donations stall, some ceasing entirely, as the elite of Leith grip their money in tightening fists.

Whether the Resistance presence on Leith is an organic movement or a spectre of Westerley's cracking foundation is irrelevant. It has spread, pervading the daily lives of those on the quieter moon. The mass of chanting workers at market make their demands for justice clear as they strike. A prominent field is torched under the cover of darkness one night, raining light grey ash on the town streets. Neighbors grow to distrust each other, a few community leaders and socialites disappearing completely.

No one wishes to think of the origins of these incidents, or protest too loudly, lest the Company turn its focus to Leith. Only behind closed doors and whispered through hushed lips do those who wish for stability struggle to hold their communities together.

Resistance: pOWER Vacuum

With the lack of a universal agreement regarding the course of action to take now that the Accords have been repealed, even the Resistance is torn. In the wake of the inconclusive Peace Summit, some call for more violent action, while some seek to set up their own infrastructure. Sabotage starts small, a member's location leaked to the Company or a supply cache raided, but swiftly grows as ambitious leaders seek to spread their ideals and garner more support.

Amidst the mounting chaos, there is only one point everyone agrees upon: The Nobility cannot be trusted with the fate of the common man any longer. Discussion of the proposed overarching solutions is riddled with contempt, may suspicious that anything penned by a member of the Nine would herald another Seven Generations of mere appeasement.

Hyperion's missions successful, the amalgamation continues to give directives - though none so ambitious as before. Gather resources, find another member to join the cell; the tasks are designed to keep those within its command active while discouraging independent interference in the stewing sociopolitical climate.

Reclamation apprehension COALITION: Level Grinding

As the Company finds itself more and more burdened with keeping order on both moons, many jobs previously undertaken by enforcers are now being outsourced to the ever-neutral RAC. Those who pass their evaluations - posted for review after weeks of inquiry - will find many new warrants available to them. For those unable to ascend the ranks, there will always be basic delivery warrants. Though, some reckless types may seek high stakes to assert their worth in the face of failure.

With the lower ranks sorted through, the time has come to review Level 4 members of the RAC for the possibility of promotion. Reaching Level 5 enables a Killjoy to take Kill warrants, and with the political scene deteriorating, there may be a healthy amount of Joy to be made for any RAC agent who manages to ascend the ranks.

Metaplot: Sowing Seeds

A dull aura frosts your vision, the sky glowing an unearthly blue. It's the only thing strange about an otherwise familiar memory. What you experience could be a pleasant view of days long past, the sweet swell of nostalgia carrying you away, or it could be a violent reminder of horrors buried in their graves, resurfacing to smear grime and blood and tears across your face once more. You may even catch a glimpse of something entirely strange, disconnected, yet somehow you know it’s a part of you.

Any state of unconsciousness can give rise to these visions, these dreams. The chip rewriting your memories has interfaced with the PDDs perhaps a bit too well, projecting your sleeping thoughts, visions, and fantasies to anyone in the Quad. It doesn't happen every time, and each sequence could be the same or different, but you're rarely alone. Others wander in, the experience too real to raise many questions. How did we get here? It doesn't matter, we just are.

Not only visions, surroundings, but the thoughts and feelings of the dreamer are pervasive during the experience - desperation spreads, and comfort folds like a blanket over all who are near. The dreamer themselves will wake up in a haze, memories disjointed and disrupted, though the interloper may retain more from the incident.