Jan. 3rd, 2017

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'SUP OVERJOYED. i'm lyn, fresh meat, and i'm bringing you all one kara zor-el, aka supergirl. despite the above gif she's from the comics, not the tv show!! i just didn't have any comic panels handy on this computer laksjdf

for those of you unfamiliar with her in the comics, kara is an alien superhero who doesn't fit in anywhere and tries so hard to be likable and to not fuck up. which she does. quite a bit. it's something like a theme. but when she's not heroing it up (and, okay, sometimes when she is) kara's a snarky nerd that likes to paint and tinker with things and watch a butt load of movies.

in-game, she's a sort of superpowered mechanic ekeing out a living on westerley for the past handful of months. you can read more about her history and what she's up to in her app, but the long and short of it is she lives in a shoebox and repairs everything from roombas to rifles, segways to ships. and tries not to be the forever exasperated customer service rep while she does it.

anyway, i'm super excited to be here and play with you all!! if you like, feel free to add me on plurk (i'm [plurk.com profile] chanterie) if you want to plot or chat or whatever. it's the easiest way to reach me. and if anyone is interested in some pre-game cr pls hit me up i am all for that