Jan. 5th, 2017

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Jan. 5th, 2017 06:50 am
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hello friends! i almost forgot to do this part!! i got too excited about diving right in, forgot to say hello :'|

anyway, i'm zee! i'm bringing in another DC: Carrie Kelley aka the third Robin (in one universe)! she's from the weird Frank Miller AU comic that i used to say we don't talk about, except now she's got current canon coming out for the first time in 15 years so ?? i have no spiel anymore. i don't know what's happening. just retreats to the corner mumbling, i guess.

ok but what i CAN say is she's an enthusiastic kid with buried memories of an old man batman, and under THAT buried memories from [community profile] sirenspull, and in the meantime is a blossoming new info broker with a very keen interest in getting in on the action. whatever action. any action available, please just give her the action.

i'm on plurk at [plurk.com profile] buttadventure, and excited to be here!! (B