Jan. 8th, 2017

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Evening, Joyers!! I'm Avi, and I'm brand new to the game along with Sion Astal from Legend of Legendary Heroes, a light novel turned anime which never made it to the second season … or, unfortunately, any overarching plot. Known as the 'Hero King' of his canon, Sion is conveniently pulled from a pivotal point in his campaign to conquer/unite the world, and will be working for the Company in Overjoyed...!!

Presently, Sion is stationed in Westerley and is the administrator for a small number of Company enforcers on the ground, so if anyone would like to talk about potential pre-established CR, gimme a shout! o9

Sion's application/AU history can be found here! Though Sion is married to his work/the cause of ending the Nine's oppression, he's also e x c e e d i n g l y sociable. A troll in his free time, he rather enjoys traipsing about in 'disguise', and committing random acts of do-gooder kindness even as he delegates obscene amounts of paperwork to his subordinates. 8')

Feel free to contact me @ [plurk.com profile] avichuus if you'd like to plot/chat. I'm excited to write with everyone!
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hello overjoyed! i'm king and this is Ignis from FFXV, he's actually coming from the end of the game but is mostly spoiler-free thanks to the memory function of Overjoyed. that said if you want to avoid interaction with him to play it safe please let me know so i don't tag you by accident...

otherwise Iggy here is from a Leithian background but currently in Westerley where he's living the bartender/chef life and also part of the resistance to tear down the 1%. he's a relatively stiff dude until you get to know him but behind the butler facade he's a guy who likes cooking and making puns.

oh i almost forgot... he also has augmented eyes that he can use to scan people and places. on people it'll basically just be a heat scan but if you have some kind of tech/cyborg thing going on he'd be able to tell. you can pop over to his permissions post for that.

you can check out his app here if you want. feel free to shoot me a pm or hit me up at [plurk.com profile] latitudes!