Jan. 9th, 2017

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hello everyone!!! my name is lassie and today i'm bringing in a young dio brando from jojo's bizarre adventure. he's twelve years old, enjoys petty theft and arson so i'm sure everyone will get along with him fantastically.

he's full AU here, the kid of poor westies, grew up in the slums, and ran away from home when he was ten. he's been on the streets since then (so for two years now) doing a multitude of things like:

- stealing
- minor arson
- cheating at gambling
- pickpocketing
- being pretty good at chess and taking (usually drunk) people's chips
- doing odd jobs here and there when the stealing goes a bit dry

he's got a Bad Reputation as a local nuisance and overall less than great kid that enjoys making chaos when he doesn't think it'll affect him. i'm open to any and all kinds of cr for him, present or cr that goes back two years!

you can reach me over at plurk or on discord @ venetae#9293! i cant wait to play with everyone here.

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Jan. 9th, 2017 10:46 pm
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Hey, there! This is Dan, a total new guy, bringing in Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins as a resident bar owner with so much baggage he'll be drowning in fees.

Meliodas here was a Leithian criminal enforcer who covered illegal operations for his father, a corrupt Weapons Tech-division manager of the Company. Working on the side of the RAC as a cover for awhile, Meliodas may have been known as a contractor that hated everyone, treated them like garbage and insulted them relentlessly while taking his warrants way too seriously. Blah blah, things happened, Meliodas lost everything and rebuilt himself a life as a bartender and now for some strange reason, he isn't such a huge dick who hates you all anymore???

Also, he's still like, 16 despite that stuff happening a decade ago.

His info can be found on his journal, btw

Also, feel free to hit me up on [plurk.com profile] dannication for plotting! I'd love CR with would-be former co-workers of Meliodas' from back in the day and anyone from The Company who would have recognized that one crazy scientist's really angry teenaged soo...
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i'm disappointed in myself.

HELLO EVERYONE, I'm Luna, bringing in...........Luna(freya).........from Final Fantasy XV. (On the plus side, you're not likely to my name OR who I play?)

If you've played with me before, my type is fair-haired princesses and/or water-types, and Luna is pretty much bang-on in the first category. She's a white mage/religious figure in her canon and so she's a Scarback here, and operating as a doctor in Westerley. While she'd never announce herself as pro-Resistance (because that kind of govt attention doesn't really help her heal the poor!!!), LET'S JUST SAY she doesn't ask too many questions either...so if your character has a scrape of dubious origins that needs mending, she's your girl.

BONUS: patients get to pet a dog!!!! Actual shibe, such wow, etc, this is Umbra:

You can find all relevant game info here.

Looking forward to playing with you all!! You can add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] lunation!