Feb. 4th, 2017

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Hi! I'm Sam, and I've been intending to crash this party for a while. (Apparently what it takes to get me off my ass to write an app is Ari batting her eyelashes and promising horrible trauma.)

I'm bringing you Hanbei Takenaka from Samurai Warriors (although Hanbei's a nickname he hasn't received in his AU, so he'll be going by Shigeharu). Canonically, he's the genius strategist who worked himself into an early grave laying the groundwork for his lord Hideyoshi to become the biggest baddest dude in Japan and achieve total conquest. Here, he puts that to use acting as an advisor to the Nine, or at least to the ones who are willing to put up with the fact that he's eccentric as all get out and spends a lot of time coughing up blood.

So basically, think of him as kind of like Karl Rove, if Karl Rove was a cute chronically ill cat lady who routinely holds policy meetings in his pajamas.

I can be found on plurk at [plurk.com profile] estamir (and am always happy to add back), or discord as almagest#7659. Let's make beautiful horrible music together.
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Hello, everyone.

I'm Ruri. I'm bringing in Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald of Bungou Stray Dogs. He's Steinbeck's dick of a boss.

He's kind of like a more asshole-version of Gatsby. ... like he views the people that work with him as his property, but he does legitimately care about them and wants to protect them. Just he doesn't care about their overall happiness about it. (nervous laugh) He somehow got a contract with literal Cthulhu (no idea). Most of the time, he's just wondering why poor people can't stop being poor, wondering really how much a single banana costs, and also not caring if he has to destroy an entire city to get what he wants. He's a rich bitch with the power to make it rain ... and that gives him superpowers (no ... really).

In the AU, he's a Leithian that built up his own criminal business and tries to have his hands in everything. He does have a legitimate business face -- owns a few hotels, a few transport ships, etc. But generally, he's as underhanded as it comes. Unlike Steinbeck, though, he kind of is always a dick. 24/7. He doesn't hide it and doesn't get why anyone would be offended by what he does. (Will enough joy make you stop complaining? Good. Here's some joy.) Yup. Yeah, he has some sad stuff ... his daughter is presently in statis in his own mansion due to an incurable illness that he seeks the cure for; his wife has had a nervous breakdown and now horribly unbalanced.

He loves his family very much and is going to find the cure for his daughter, even if he has to destroy the entire Quad to find it. :) Please and thank you for helping him! Because what sacrifice is too great for family? Answer, none!

This got a little long. But yes! I'm totally 100% good with established CR and so hit me up here, PM, or contact me on discord (marvelouscheer#4580)!
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hello!! my name is Elle and I'm bringing you Rey from Star Wars! her AU history is relatively similar to that of her canon counterpart; she's a little Westie street urchin just scraping by. ideally I'd like to get her into the Killjoy game eventually, but for now, that's about all she has going for her!

this is my first time joining a new game in over a year as well as my first time playing Rey and my first time in an AU game so... be gentle, I'm scared. if we had a thread on the TDM that you want to continue, please let me know! I've had some medical stuff going on (nothing serious!) for the past few days and I haven't been able to tag much back yet, but I'm totally willing to!

it's late and I'm tired so hopefully this isn't total nonsense. anyway, I'm excited to be here and you can feel free to add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] regnant! edit: OH YEAH AND DISCORD, i'm elle#2496!
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Hello. I'm Alison, and this is... not Jackass, exactly, but there are definitely some similar aspects going on here. I am brand new and bringing in Vaughn from (Tales from the) Borderlands! He is a tiny, adorable nerd who's a little chatty and excitable. He's also a newly-awakened adrenaline junkie, having spent his (boring) adult life as a (boring) accountant until he and his (idiot) best friend decided to steal ten million dollars from their employer, at which point Shenanigans ensue and it's all pretty ridiculous, really. Also he's inexplicably shredded. He's just kind of a weirdo in general.

For the purposes of this game, he spent most of his life as a coin-operated friendship dispenser for Rhys, who is his aforementioned idiot best friend (read: he was literally paid to hang out with him), but now he works for the Company as—wait for it—an accountant, because I'm not creative. Of course, he'll inevitably end up ~wanting more~ and getting himself in trouble, but the specifics of that remain to be seen. If we're mirroring canon, it will be similarly ridiculous.

Anyway, feel free to add me at [plurk.com profile] clickboom or on Discord (alison#4118)! I'm totally ready, let's do this.
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My name is Flurry, and I am brand new to this newfangled AU game thing. So of course I have to bring the most obscure character in the universe, right?

This is Royce, and in his canon, Riyria Revelations, he's a half-elf thief that is one half of a thieving duo called Riyria. He's the grouchy, tsun one, and he can be hard to get along with, but I promise under all that grouch and Issues is a decent, loyal dude. In overjoyed, he's a thief for a bunch of corrupt noble people - he goes by Duster, and he's your guy if you need something illegal done efficiently. He also survived a ten year yttrium mining sentence, which he likes to keep to himself, but you know. These things have a tendency to spread real fast as rumors.

(also he likes knives like a lot)

I'd love to hit up everybody for established CR and develop more of what's going on with him AU wise if you'd like! Contact me here, through a PM on this account, or just add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] tahdis if you want to get in depth! I'm in the past (all the way back in PST) so I'll likely be up whenever.

I'M SUPER HYPE ABOUT THIS GAME GUYS looking forward to sinking my teeth in c:
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Heeeey there, everyone!!! I'm Squee and I'm new here and bringing Marian Hawke from Dragon Age! I've been wanting to join for a while (blame Christy) but hadn't yet settled on a character. Finally did, obviously -- and here I am!

Hawke will be coming in from DAI, right after the quest Here Lies the Abyss where she survives and is heading off to Weisshaupt to ruminate on her life choices a bit. The biggest difference there between the Hawke of DA2 and the Hawke of DAI is that this Hawke is a bit more world weary and pessimistic, but still always ready to bite back with a quip or two. She, naturally, is not completely aware of this and instead thinks she's been living in Westerley for the past five years after fleeing a pseudo-Kirkwall and working as a RAC Agent.

Of course, it's more like "working" since she's not quite into the whole warrants thing and rather just do odd jobs for people around who might need someone to help them out. She's kind of a jack of all trades and if your character has hired her or might know of her, hit me up! She's a big loser but also friendly enough and would pull anyone into sharing a drink with her.

Anyway! Feel free to add me on plurk at [plurk.com profile] claptrap and I'm looking forward to things. All things. A bunch of things!
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Yo! I'm Liz, I'm fresh and phunky and I'm bringing this train wreck with me! His name's Badou Nails and he's from DOGS: Bullets and Carnage, a badass little manga about a boy and his dog....family...of experimented kids. Badou's thankfully just an info broker and not the dog or the boy, but boy oh boy he steps in dog turds anyway. He's coming from a pretty similar bg as his canon bg, so all that sass and screaming is in tact and ready to go. You'll most likely find him running from warrants, getting in the middle of warrants or turf fights between gangs, doing really goddamn dumb jobs as he's a jack of all trades when the going gets tough-- he finds himself more often than not reluctantly doing jobs for the resistance due to his two sponsors (from opposite ends of the tracks ha...hah...).

Don't let that fool you, his colors don't bleed resistance colors.

Anyway LETS DO SOME STUFF THIS BEAT IS SICK lets have fun! beat the stuffing out of this kid. You can find me at [plurk.com profile] gingerfarts for more soft grunge ginger yodeling.
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Hi, Overjoyed...ians! I'm Lynn, this is Peter Burke from White Collar; if you are unfamiliar I a] apologize for being old and b] can summarize in two convenient TFLNs.

Really, that's 90% of the show. The rest of it is the ~unlikely duo~ of FBI agent and criminal solving crimes together! And really intense bromance! For purposes of this here game Peter is a RAC agent, where presumably he has a reputation for being both very good at his job and more desperately in need of fun than any man who has ever lived.

except not really, because his Killjoy partner tries to inject his life with way too much of it. if they have one more brush with death he's going to get Neal a literal, actual Time Out chair.

ASIDE FROM THAT, he's a generally amicable dude with occasional bouts of unintentional innuendo and terrible puns; if you would like to be beer buddies (especially other RAC agents to talk shop with him pls, talking shop is great), reluctantly dadded at, or just really want to punch an Authority Figure in the face, Peter is your dude.

(punching him is not actually advised. ....or is it)

You can reach me at [plurk.com profile] silverycitibanklights. I plurk mostly about cats, because there is at least one lying on me at any given point in time.
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Hi everyone!! My name's Lili and I'm new to this game! I'll be playing Juvia Lockser from Fairy Tail, a manga about the three F's: Friendship, Family, and Fanservice. Juvia will be a Company Enforcer, having three years under her belt, with previous ties to some unsavory folk in Old Town.

She'll be the water mage turned tech-friendly, with her clothes having the ability to turn into water. And despite her scary reputation, Juvia is actually a socially awkward bean who means well...be her friend ok.

If you want to add me on plurk, you can head over to [plurk.com profile] enoshima and I'll be there either plurking about really dumb stuff or lurking (this one most of the time). Or if you want my discord, it'll be Lili#2453.. I can't wait to play with you all! ;0;
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hello everyone! i'm jamie and i'm new to the game, and super excited to be here!! i'll be playing Rin Okumura from none other than Blue Exorcist which is a story about the son of satan and his journey to find friends and kill his dad. Rin will be a former-human-experiment turned into Scarback adoptee - he was taken in by the monks at a young age and raised, for the most part, in the monastery on Leith.

because of his genetic modifications he's super strong and heals well, and instead of his supernatural pyrokinesis abilities that would have come with being demonic, he carries around a technologically advanced sword that coats itself in flames. neat! be his friend; he may not be the brightest but he's definitely the kindest. be his friend and you too can end up on this very official coolness ranking

anyways, if you ever want to talk/contact me/plot established CR you can PM this acc or find me at [plurk.com profile] ishimarus! i'm really looking forward to playing with you all ; v ;
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Why yes hello. B))) I see you needed to meet your smol deadpan kings quota so here I am.

In other words, SUP my name is Clamor, and I'm bringing with me Saber from Fate/Zero, otherwise known as 'a bunch of dumb nerds make historical figures fight each other for a dumb sippy cup that doesn't work anyway so it's a big waste of time: the anime'. Saber's a tiny blonde with about as much emotional range as a teaspoon and is also coincidentally a Sword Swinging Maniac of the Nth Degree™. Her forte is getting in everyone's face and monologuing about ~HONOR~ and ~VALOR~ and dumb stuff like that. Priorities.

She's very bad at making friends. Why can't people bond over just beating each other up anymore, it was so much easier...

Saber's been stuck in Overjoyed-verse for going on 5 years now - 3 as an Enforcer (which went so well, you guys, it's not like she got fired or anything) and 2 with the RAC. Unfortunately as a Level 2, that means she needs a babysitter, but whatever. Who cares? She definitely doesn't!!!

I can be reached either at my plurk ([plurk.com profile] macabreclamor ), through PMs, or on Discord. If some loser is clogging up the OJ chat with dumb dog gifs, 99.9% of the time it's probably me. :V

Let's plot things and have a rad time, friends!