Feb. 5th, 2017

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Or, in which my character is me. I love sleep but so rarely actually do it at normal human times befitting an adult's schedule. Whoops.

Um, hi. I'm Heather, brand new to the game although I've been meaning to app in for awhile to annoy Ari and Laure. I'm bringing in this dork, Ryner Lute from Legend of Legendary Heroes, or that light novel series about wishing for happiness for everyone, overthrowing corrupt governments, and the awakening of ANCIENT ENTITIES INSIDE. Also magic. Lots of that.

Ryner's got five years in game and is a Company Enforcer, against his better judgement. He has pretty much all the biometric mods ever and can therefore do Lots of Things with technology and the like. But for the most part he retains his canon lack of motivation and only really does anything because his current boss, Sion Astal, won't let him stay in bed forever. A shame, that. He's really good at it.

But yes please feel free to contact me! I can be found on plurk ([plurk.com profile] mutedtempest), and that username is the same all across the interwebs so feel free to hit me up on any site you find me on. I'm in the CST timezone (GMT -6) but I'm usually pretty nocturnal and am online at weird times usually. I'm incredibly open to any sort of plot ideas and am nowhere near picky, so if you ever think you might want Ryner for something, please don't hesitate!
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Hello, overjoyed! I'm Caten, your newly arrived viking (from norway, time zones are terrible), bringing with me Neal Caffrey from the now ancient show of White Collar. It ended like two years ago, clearly it's from the stone age or something.

Anyway. The show is essentually catch me if you can, except after the movie ended. Neal, the (mostly) reformed(ish) criminal, works together with his FBI handler, the man who caught him (twice), and they solve crime! While discussing morality with the maturity levels of actual six year olds.

If you're looking for reasons for your character to know Neal, you may pick from the following list:
1. your character owns artwork worth like millions and neal stole some of it
2. your character's drinking buddy owns artwork worth millions and neal forged and stole some of it
3. your character helped neal steal and/or forge artwork worth millions
4. your character tried to arrest neal for the theft of artwork worth millions
5. your character is a killjoy wondering why the hell this criminal is now also a killjoy what are even the standards anymore
6. idk neal is a friendly guy maybe they had drinks??

If your character knew Neal during his past as even less law-abiding, it's not unlikely they knew him under an alias, for potential awkwardness, if you're into that kind of thing. He has like a million of them. He still invents new ones, because tbh at this point it may as well be a hobby.

Anyway. Let's plot!!

ps u can find me at [plurk.com profile] vikinged or on discord at caten#5467 because i totally didn't forget to add my contact info here
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that's it, that's hanzo

but ah, hello Overjoyed! I'm Freshy, brand new to the game and bringing in Hanzo Shimada from Overwatch, or, more accurately, the dictionary definition of "boy you fucked up". in canon, he's a bougie yakuza who killed his brother, and for the purposes of this game, he's... a bougie arms manufacturer who might as well have killed his brother. it's a long story.

the sparknotes version of his history is that he's a Qreshi noble whose family has dealt with arms manufacturing for both sides of the coin (the Company and the Rebellion, how shady is that), so if you want some Shimada-made goodies, get your beautiful self on over here. he's also an Enforcer who hates himself every day for being alive, so if you want some bitter discussions during coffee break, Hanzo's your man.

(please be friends with his brother Genji instead, Genji is a good bean)

you can find me over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] deuil, though I don't use it too often! feel free to ping me anytime, though— I'm super excited to be here, and I hope to get to tag all you beautiful people. ♥
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hello, oj! this is monica, leo elster's player with a new character: qrow branwen from rwby!

qrow is literally a l w a y s drunk and likes to annoy people, and also he's a very salty guy. in rwby, he's a renowned huntsman, but in the setting of the game, he'll be a renowned killjoy who's been working for the rac for many years now. at the same time, he's also a combat instructor for the rac, teaching and training people how to fight, or if they already know how to fight, how to not die. he's a great fighter ok ok.

in the setting of the game, he's a level 4 killjoy who can't seem to get promoted to level 5 because he's always drunk and always starting fights, so if your character is a killjoy, he's probably badmouthed them and/or gotten into a fight with them. he's also just gotten back from an almost year-long warrant job, so some characters may just know him now or have never heard of him.

still, he's good at his work even though he's very annoying. feel free to have your character know him or know of him! as a note, anybody who is near him will suddenly have bad luck. whether it's drawing an awful hand in poker or a black cat will suddenly pass them.

feel free to contact me thru [plurk.com profile] staves, or comment here! let's plot c:
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hey everybody!

i'm jenn and i've bought along this albino zombie from dogs: bullets and carnage. in game, he's a once-upon a guinea pig, self-employed free agent (please hire him) with a knack for weapons, violence and cat-like (dog-like?) reflexes/healing abilities/senses/etc. It's canon-linear but watered down for the sake of not breaking the game. speaking of, he's five years in game so he should be fairly established with his quasi-partner, badou.

i'm over at [plurk.com profile] gilboat and if you guys wanna reach out for any reason (CR, plotting, questions, the weather), that'd be the quickest way. PMing is cool too, if you live in the dark ages.
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Hi all! I'm Rie, bringing in your requisite green cyborg ninja dude from Overwatch. Basically all you need to know about him....

(And the doctors said let it be so.)

Genji is the second son of a Yakuza family who didn't care much for the whole Yakuza thing. Big mistake, as that all ended with his very grumpy brother killing him. (Said grump is also known as Hanzo. As he recently revealed some sweet piercings in canon, you all should do the lord's work and ask him if he got his nips pierced, too). Genji was brought back to life by some unholy combination of medicine and engineering, leading to his current state.

Hereabouts, he was born on Qresh, was equally uninterested in his family's arms dealing business - which catered to both the elite and to the Resistance, as he later found out. He ended up assumed dead in a Resistance explosion, was patched up with Resistance hack-mods, and has been - you guessed it! - with the Resistance ever since. He also manages a seedy bar/Resistance hangout in Old Town called The Sparrow's Nest and enjoys having people call him "Sparrow". It's his super secret spy name.

Because hack-mods are so rare in this world, he'll be hiding most of his cybernetics under clothing. For the same reason, most of the time he won't be wearing his visor. Let's just say he's gotten pretty good with foundation to hide the scars and the cybernetic jaw etc etc etc. Appearance ref is here for anyone interested.

Feel free to hit me up on plurk ([plurk.com profile] fleeting), though I'm kind of shit at using it. PM works just as well. Looking forward to playing with all of you!!