Feb. 16th, 2017

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Now that the Hyperion missions and teams are starting to come together, we wanted to provide you with more details about the Peace Summit on Westerley.

Peace Summit

Anyone without a criminal record can be a delegate, diplomat, or representative, depending on their level of technical skill. Players may decide what "rank" their character would fall into for this.
Where & What
Held at the Spring Hill Compound, located just outside of Old Town, the convocation for peace offers only the most basic amenities. Water and tasteless chips have been set out for the delegates. Lunch and dinner are served at noon and six-thirty, sandwiches and other common fair provided to all guests. As a saving grace, there is a full bar available, though it is only open during the evening hours, after all formal negotiations have ended.

The facility is host to an array of plant life, the many garden walks within the compound actually pleasant to traverse. Hedges, rather than walls, separate conversations - making secrecy all the more difficult. A main room, carpet matting but recently cleaned, hosts a round table for more formal discussions - each delegate will have a seat assigned to them with a paper name placard. Artificial lighting is embedded into the high ceilings everywhere but the garden walks, where the biodome shines refined outside light into the courtyards.

A joint effort between Westerley officials and Leithian delegates, the summit's purpose is to find a potential replacement for the Accords and avert the threat of civil war. While many of the attendees will be of political importance, just as many of them will be citizens chosen for their outstanding services to the community and willingness to join.

In other words, much of the Good Will Corps will be granted diplomatic visas for the duration of the stay and will be invited to partake in the Summit and offer their insight.

During the event, delegates will discuss the allocation of resources (donated and available) between the two moons, offering suggestions--and perhaps criticisms--on the infrastructure of one another, and most chiefly, aiming to reach an agreement on the land reassignment on Leith.

Hyperion's team will be aiming for a stalemate between all parties. Whether your participating characters will let that happen easily, if at all, is ultimately up to player plotting!

During the summit, all officially recognized delegates will be put up in Company provided quarters but all security for the event will be handled by a neutral third party (Killjoys) or by privately hired guards.

Security will remain with their appointed charges throughout the duration of the event unless other arrangements are made.

If a delegate does not, for whatever reason, wish to stay in Company provided accommodations, they've been provided with a small stipend to find their own location. However, all individuals who decline to stay within Company walls will be putting themselves at an increased risk of attacks by the local population. (Or so the Company says.)

RAC Evaluations

In an effort to not flood our evaluating killjoys with too many threads, we've assigned each killjoy one instructor to carry out both evaluations. If players would like to have two different evaluators, they are welcome to plot among themselves to that end.

As a reminder, the evaluation period is between W6D1-W6D5. The evaluator must conduct the following assessments: combat proficiency and tactical planning, each with a mental fortitude component. The character being evaluated should "take lead" on a warrant which is on the level they're applying for (so a current level 2 will take lead on a level 3 warrant, et cetera.) Players are welcome to make up their own warrants for this, but you are also free to use the monthly warrant page to request a warrant provided you do not have two currently active mod-issued warrants.

Evaluatee Name Killjoy Rank Evaluation Rank Evaluator
Lavi "Bookman Jr." 3 4 Jason Todd
Saber 2 3 "Bucky" Barnes
Damian Wayne 2 3 Hanna King
Giorno Giovanna 1 2 Qrow Branwen
Marian Hawke 3 4 Peter Burke
Midori Nagamasa 3 4 "Bucky" Barnes
Neal Caffrey 3 4 Kanda Yu
Keith 1 2 Kanda Yu

Please feel free to use this post to plot out any peace summit, bodyguard/security, and evaluation warrant things!