Mar. 6th, 2017

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Hi guys! This is Jenny (again), aka Kate's player, and I'm bringing in another girl, because that's all I play apparently???

Anyway, this is Inej Ghafa, 18 year old criminal/spy/acrobat extraordinaire and p much Kaz's right hand man. Girl. Whatever! She's a million times nicer than Kaz, though, so don't worry.

She's also from Six of Crows (obviously I guess?), and she tends to be a bit more reserved/quiet around people she doesn't know. She also has a tendency to lowkey judge other people's terrible choices, nbd.

But, I did want to get something out of the way: Her backstory has a lot of potentially triggering aspects, which are detailed on her permissions post and her app. I tried to be as vague as possible in both. If any of those things make you uncomfortable and are not something you want to pop up in threads with her, just drop me a comment on her permissions post!

As for pre-existing CR stuff, Inej has been working for Kaz in Old Town for two years, so any other criminals/info brokers/etc are more than welcome to hash out pre-existing CR with her! If you just want to say your non-criminal Westie knows her, too, I'm totally down. Just let me know!

As usual, you can bug me over at [ profile] cephalopods.
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Hello all, new player coming in. My name is Jon and I will be bringing along one bartender by the name of Julianne "Jill" Stingray. Her game of origin is VA-11 HALL-A but you can just spell it as Vallhalla because, yeah. It is essentially a game about bartending and serving drinks to all kinds of crazy customers. Like dogs.

The future is weird.

But anyways, Jill herself is pretty down-to-earth and chill and is the type to wonder why the hell her life turned out in such a way that she's serving alcohol to corgis. But also, she just really likes being a bartender and to just hear out all the stories that people out there have just for the sake of knowing, and to give them a bit of piece of advice if they come looking for some. Her main concerns really are just paying bills and staying out of trouble. She's sarcastic and can be a bit of a smartass, but is otherwise a good person. Jill will be coming in with 2 years worth of established in-game time and will be working as a bartender at The Royale.

If anyone wants to talk pre-CR, you can just send me a PM or ping me at CWave#4501 on Discord and we can work something out.

Looking forward to being here!