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四楓院 夜一 Shihōin Yoruichi ([personal profile] nekoshunshin) wrote in [community profile] overjoyed_ooc2017-03-11 12:55 am

+1 Cat lady

'Allo Joyers! Laure here and now that the chaos from surgery is slowly but surely starting to fading into the distance, I'll be stepping back into Mod-life and decided to add to my plate even more by bringing this crazy cat-lady to terrorize you all.

Yoruichi's app is HERE and her permissions is HERE. She's coming in as a former Kendry that is kind of wanted as a criminal by her fam. She left the quad for six years, spent some time running with Takasugi in war-torn Edo, and then returned to the Quad as a 'Shihoin' to train as a Scarback. She's a full member of the order, and also active in the Resistance because she knows just how shady Delle Seyah Kendry really is.

She's got 5 years in 'verse to play with so if anyone wants to work out a backdated history, hit me up here! ESPECIALLY ANYONE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE MONASTERY!

So! Does anyone need Auntie to give them a blessing?