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+1 Pseudo Rabbit

HELLO OVERJOYED, name's Gaacha and I am totally new here. I was enabled to this game by someone anon in the EnableMe meme this month and I have to say I'm super happy they did.

This game looks hellishly fun and I love the premise behind it--so I'm bringing in one super hacker slash videogamer from the series DRAMAtical Murder. (I know the game is infamous in its own ways but I just love Noiz as a character so I can't help myself.)
Noiz is, as said above, a super hacker and programmer who is mostly obsessed with playing a certain type of video game and selling information. He's hedonistic and unfriendly, obsessive and secretive--and most of all, he can't feel pain and throws himself into danger often.

He'll be coming into the game with 2 years of established history in the RAC as a warrant broker, but his AU history makes him ex-Qresh. By choice. Those guys really are a bunch of assholes and they treated him as a problem to be hidden from the world so he escaped to work with people who he felt he could make a decent living on in his own way.

If you'd like to talk to me about established CR or future threads, please do feel free to have a chat with me, you can add me on plurk  @ [plurk.com profile] vicinity !!

I look forward to meeting you all in-game!

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