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Chapter 4 Preview Announcement

Hello Joyers!

This is your third mod, Elise ([ profile] fromgilbo), writing to give the skinny on how the end of this chapter will transition into the next one, given the medical situation of the other two mods. As of right now, we don't know how long Laure will be in recovery, nor the amount of care Ari will need to give post-surgery. As many have already seen, our turnaround times have slowed well below what we would like.

While we can assure you that this is a temporary dilemma, we must ask you to weather it a little longer as we wrap up our end-of-month administrative processes and begin to enter the next chapter. Duties have been shifted, and schedules made, to ensure that we're still able to open applications, process them, and communicate with you all in the most timely fashion possible. The only change to our schedule that we anticipate at the moment is that the chapter preview, typically released when applications open, will be delayed until Sunday or Monday.