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did someone call tech support

time to space scottish the shit out of everyone, etc.

hi overjoyed!! i'm jay, i was here at the start as some webtoon nerd named koon, then school/life happened and now i'm here as leopold fitz (just call him fitz) from agents of shield!! a show about normal people going about normal things while working for S.H.I.E.L.D in the marvel universe, which is to say not normal at all.

fitz in canon is an engineer/socially awkward nerd with a big heart, and in game he's... also an engineer/socially awkward nerd with a big heart. nothing has changed. also like canon he'll be working as a team lead in the company's tech R&D divison!! though unlike canon he's also gonna be running around as a private tech consultant, whether that's fixing people's phones or making weapons for them. the company doesn't really know about the latter bit, and because of Reasons he doesn't feel like telling them. he's been around for 3-ish years now, which means i'm super duper open to pre-game cr!! his app can be found here, though that does contain some spoilers for agents of shield.

with that said — i can found at [ profile] charred, and despite what it says on the tin feel free to add me! alternatively i can also be reached through jay#1827 on discord. i'm super excited to be here ( again ) and i look forward to threading with everyone!!
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[personal profile] tirejacked 2017-03-05 07:58 pm (UTC)(link)
noogies him
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[personal profile] tirejacked 2017-03-05 08:11 pm (UTC)(link)
older but nerdier????

ditch The Man and use your nerd powers for Dubiously Good, Fitz
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HI I'M SQUEE and i, for one, love the shit out of fitz!! he's a good bean who deserves a good life, honestly. so i'm really excited to see him here!

but hawke's also the furthest from tech savvy so I DON'T KNOW HOW TO THROW HER AT YOU. we'll... figure out a way!!! it's fine, it's fine.

still ugh i'm really excited to see fitz and i'm looking forward to see what you do with him!
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OH DO SO!! DA2 is a lot of fun even if a bit different than the other two games. less "fantasy epic" and more "bard tale" if you feel me

BUT YES... that works. i mean, hawke would stick around and pester fitz anyway if he was building something weird enough to catch her attention. it's all about meeting at least. if they've met once, hawke will show up again for no reason like a very bored dog. play fetch with her, fitz.
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:') i am here and a-waiting' then!

look she doesn't know what an emoji is half the time, stop judging her!!! she might ask him to make her something cool to stab people with. she could do just the same with a regular knife but a sci fi knife is cooler??