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+ 1 Edgelord Gangster

Hello everyone! I'm entirely new to Overjoyed and this is only my second game in dwrp, so if I make mistakes you are completely within your rights to mock me mercilessly. (Oh look I did it already on the html of this post.)

Today I bring you Kaz Brekker, 1/6 of the titular Crows from the Six of Crows Duology. For those not canon familiar (and they are very long books, I don't blame you,) my app is here!

Short version: He's a criminal prodigy with a tendency to be very dramatic, but that's okay because he's still scary. He's also kind of a terrible person, oops! On the plus side, he is capable of making friends (though don't ever say that to his face) and more than capable of making casual acquaintances/business contacts with just about anyone interested in shady things, or anyone with potentially valuable information. I've put him in Westerley for 3 years already, so pre-game cr is a-ok! Need something stolen, smuggled, or broken into? Kaz is your dude! (Just maybe don't touch him.)

As for me, I can be reached at [ profile] leucrotta. Feel free to add me with reckless abandon. Thanks for having me, and I look forward to interacting with all of you!
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LEU!!!!! I'm so excited and I'm so glad you can never escape me heh heh
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hi there!! i'm squee and while i don't know anything about kaz, from his description alone i'm pretty sure he and hawke have to know each other. just a requirement tbh!!

but seriously, he does sound great and i'm super excited to see him around! welcome to the game!