Jan. 27th, 2017

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oh god how do i rp again HEY EVERYBODY. I'm Xel. I come bearing a familiar face. Meet Timothy Lawrence from Borderlands, aka the guy who made some real serious career mistakes to end up where he is, which is STUCK LOOKING LIKE HANDSOME JACK PROBABLY FOR FOREVER. Also he has to do basically everything Jack tells him to. So that kinda blows.

As far as AU notes go—Tim is Jack's bodyguard/doppelganger/field agent. He's undergone numerous surgeries and mods to go from strongly resembling Jack to being essentially identical*, all for a sweet fat paycheck and the promise that he'd be able to return to his own life in time for Claimant Day. Due to a "clerical error," however, the man named Timothy Lawrence no longer legally exists within the system. Full rundown is here!

The fact that Jack even has a body double is a closely protected secret, at least for now in the beginning, but the better your character knows Jack or comes to know Tim the more likely it is that they'll start to notice some strange inconsistencies from one interaction to the next. I've got a bunch of catching up to do so please bear with me, but I'm super happy to plot if anybody's got ideas!! Feel free to add me on plurk @ [plurk.com profile] piasora and/or discord @ tevinter#3439. Super excited about playing with everyone!

(*Because he doesn't have Jack's scar, the dumb thing he has to do is wear his own mask all the time when he's out in public. Like, it's just literally a copy of his face on his face. Jack sucks.)