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Hello all, new player coming in. My name is Jon and I will be bringing along one bartender by the name of Julianne "Jill" Stingray. Her game of origin is VA-11 HALL-A but you can just spell it as Vallhalla because, yeah. It is essentially a game about bartending and serving drinks to all kinds of crazy customers. Like dogs.

The future is weird.

But anyways, Jill herself is pretty down-to-earth and chill and is the type to wonder why the hell her life turned out in such a way that she's serving alcohol to corgis. But also, she just really likes being a bartender and to just hear out all the stories that people out there have just for the sake of knowing, and to give them a bit of piece of advice if they come looking for some. Her main concerns really are just paying bills and staying out of trouble. She's sarcastic and can be a bit of a smartass, but is otherwise a good person. Jill will be coming in with 2 years worth of established in-game time and will be working as a bartender at The Royale.

If anyone wants to talk pre-CR, you can just send me a PM or ping me at CWave#4501 on Discord and we can work something out.

Looking forward to being here!
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are those metal gear solid corgis, oh my god...

anyways, hey Jon! I'm Crystal, and I play John Steinbeck (yes, that is his name) from Bungou Stray Dogs where authors have cool weird superpowers and reason and logic don't matter. He's a Scarback working for the Resistance in Overjoyed and likes to hang out at bars to gather information and talk to others, so I think it's real likely that he's chatted with Jill from time to time!